Eradicate the Yurugu Virus and Return to the Way by Nzingha Olabisima

The Yurugu Virus possesses the thinkingand behavior of the peopleWhen injected into the mindstupidity, ignorance and greedis exactly what you find.It attacks the lower nature,and infiltrates the soul,it turns people into puppets,the victims of control. Tell-lie-vision disseminatesYurugu’s point of view;it teaches sex and violence on HBOand corruption on the news. The virus is insidiousand emerges… More Eradicate the Yurugu Virus and Return to the Way by Nzingha Olabisima


Asili is the logos of a culture, within which its various aspect cohere. It is the developmental germ/seed of a culture. It is the cultural essence, the ideological core, the matrix of a cultural entity which must be identified in order to make sense of the collective creations of it members. — from page xxv… More Asili


Utamaroho is the vital force of a culture, set in motion by the Asili. It is the thrust or energy source of a culture; that which gives it its emotional tone and motivates the collective behavior of its members. Both the utamawazo and the utamaroho are born our of the Asili and, in turn, affirm… More Utamaroho


Utamawazo is a kiswahili term that refers to the culturally structured thought — or worldview — that is determined by the primordial essence of a people. It determines the way in which people are socialized to perceive, think and experience the world. If we are perceiving, thinking and experiencing the world as free people, then… More Utamawazo