The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin

The thought just materialized in our head one morning: “Go and find out why I named my book ‘The Fire Next Time.'” Since the voice spoke in the first person and only one person we know of has a book entitled “The Fire Next Time” it seems a logical conclusion that the author in question…… Continue reading The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin

A History of Black Supremacy: Part 2

Over time the concept of “Black Supremacy” changed. The most substantial transformation of “Black Supremacy” came during the 1950s. Oddly, it was used to incite opposition to the Mau Mau in Kenya and promote opposition to the drive for independence in other parts of Africa. Proquest shows 829 results in a search for Black Supremacy. 582 or 70 percent…… Continue reading A History of Black Supremacy: Part 2

Messin with your mind

They are messin’ with your mind Playing with your brain Wasting cosmic time Trying to drive folks insane They’re using mass confusion Trying to produce insane conclusions They are fakin’ hard core And they know it’s just an illusion They’re imposing their insanity On all humanity Do you think that’s they way it’s supposed to…… Continue reading Messin with your mind

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