Melanin Myth #2: Melanin Injections

This is part two in a ten part series on the myths being spread surrounding melanin. Apparently, the need to inject melanin motivates melanin thieves. Well okay. Technically, yes, you can take a hypodermic needle, fill it with melanin and inject it into your body. But guess what? That won’t do anything. Anyone who does … More Melanin Myth #2: Melanin Injections

Melanin Myth #1: Melanin is being harvested by melanin thieves.

This is the first part of a ten part series debunking myths being spread about melanin. We have a three part series which goes into detail about the myths, hoaxes and scams related to melanin being spread. This is obviously a heavy handed attempt to invoke a sense of fear and revulsion in people of … More Melanin Myth #1: Melanin is being harvested by melanin thieves.

On Melanin Envy: What PBS’ White said Without Words

PBS produced a short film entitled “White” for its FUTURESTATES television series. It is like a fifteen some odd minute commercial for melanin envy. The premise says it all: some people have money, but need melanin. Other people have melanin, but need money. Why human melanin though? Since melanin exists in animal fur, fish scales, … More On Melanin Envy: What PBS’ White said Without Words

Top 10 Facts About Melanin

The price of melanin, the aromatic biopolymer and organic semiconductor that makes Black people black is over $350 a gram more than gold. Since we learned melanin is so valuable it came to our awareness that a number of myths about melanin have been spread. In a previous post we identified what we consider the … More Top 10 Facts About Melanin

The Melanin Harvesting Hoax (Again)

March 24, 2017 was one of the biggest days in the history of Keyamsha the Awakening (the blog). We had over 1500 visitors and over 3000 views. The saga continued. On March 25, we had at least 1000 visitors. Unfortunately, we are not celebrating. Twitter blew the blog up. But it was not for a good … More The Melanin Harvesting Hoax (Again)

Melanin Harvesting Video?

Now hear this: Melanin Harvesting is an urban legend. It is a hoax. Melanin thieves are a scam. They are a myth…an illusion manufactured by the same people who invented so-called “white” people. Watch melanin being harvested in these two videos from sepia officinalis, the common cuttlefish. Mind your wants cuz someone who wants your … More Melanin Harvesting Video?

Melanin can not be injected

Melanin harvesting? Melanin thieves? Black organs? Click here for the facts!!! Some people want us to believe “melanin thieves” are “stealing” or “harvesting” melanin from Black people to inject in their skin. Someone could technically inject melanin in their body, but it would accomplish nothing. We can’t hardly believe people are injecting melanin to darken their … More Melanin can not be injected