Isolation of melanin pigments from human hair

Isolation of melanin pigments from human hair Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold. Melanin can be isolated/extracted from human hair. Easily. So the whole melanin thieves, melanin harvesting, hoax/myth/urban legend can die an ignominious death. A.S.A.P. And people who are promoting the melanin stock market can give it a rest too. http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= Isolation of melanin…… Continue reading Isolation of melanin pigments from human hair

Melanin Myths: They Just Keep Coming

We found that there were more than ten myths about melanin. In order to continue tracking the melanin myth machine we decided to create an article documenting the myths as they come to us. Stay tuned. Computed version of the Melanin Molecule. The actual molecular structure of melanin is unknown. Melanin is a light harvesting…… Continue reading Melanin Myths: They Just Keep Coming

The Melanin Dosage Test by Cheikh Anta Diop

The distinctly negroid characters of the Cro-Magnon of Spain, the nigritic osteology of the first Cro-Magnon men of France, the late appearance of this white, the still later one of yellow (the man of Chancelade ) to the Magdalenian 15,000 years ago, so many facts that did not receive a rational explanation, become more intelligible to us in the light of this hypothesis.

The Melanin Harvesting Urban Legend: A Hoax Deconstructed, A Myth Busted, A Scam Exposed

Before the March 13, 2011 airing of PBS’ 15 minute short film “White” there was no mention of melanin thieves harvesting melanin.

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