African Redemption Reclaims Our Stolen Legacy

In Stolen Legacy, the classic book by Dr. George Granville Monah James, are numerous descriptions of “African Redemption” as being the key ingredient for leading to a reclaiming of our stolen legacy. A free download of Stolen Legacy is available at this link. By using the phrase “African Redemption” Dr. James eloquently and effortlessly connects … More African Redemption Reclaims Our Stolen Legacy

Rhythm by Marimba Ani

Transcription of a spoken word performance extracted from the track “Saturn” on the CD 2000 Black — Ascension for expansion. This originated in the Book “Let the Circle Be Unbroken” by Dona Richards (Marimba Ani) Soul is the essence of the human in the African view. It was our soul that was traumatized by slavery. … More Rhythm by Marimba Ani

Janheinz Jahn

Janheinz Jahn was a social anthropologist, lecturer, author and founder of the research center on Neo-African culture. Mr. Jahn is internationally known for his studies in new studies in Africa which has resulted in the combination of traditional and new influences. Mr Jahn has lectured on a wide range of topics dealing with Africa and … More Janheinz Jahn

Emancipate Yourselves From Mental Slavery

Though widely associated with Bob Marley and his incredibly popular “Redemption Song” lyric, the phrase “emancipate yourselves from mental slavery” is a paraphrase from a speech by Marcus Garvey. In his comments during a speech entitled “The Work That Has Been Done” in November 1937 he said: (Paid link below) “We are going to emancipate ourselves … More Emancipate Yourselves From Mental Slavery