Declaration of Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World

These rights we believe to be justly ours and proper for the protection of the Negro race at large, and because of this belief we, on behalf of the four hundred million Negroes of the world, do pledge herein the sacred blood of the race in defense, and we hereby subscribe our names as a guarantee of the truthfulness and faithfulness hereof in the presence of Almighty God, on the 13th day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty.


The Negro who has had the benefit of an education of forty, thirty, and twenty years ago, is the greatest fraud and stumbling block to the real progress of the race. He was educated with the wrong psychology and perspective.


I saw before me then, even as I do now, a new world of black men, not peons, serfs, dogs and slaves, but a nation of sturdy men making their impress upon civilization and causing a new light to dawn upon the human race.

The Mis-Education of the Negro by Carter Godwin Woodson , Ph.D.

Click here to download The Mis-Education of the Negro by Carter Godwin Woodson One wonders: why would a country with confidence in itself need to impose mis-education on a significant segment of its population? Dr. Carter G. Woodson founder of Black History Month Two of the main quotes from the Mis-Education of the Negro are…… Continue reading The Mis-Education of the Negro by Carter Godwin Woodson , Ph.D.

Was The KKK Uniform Stolen From Africans?

La Hermandad de los Negritos (English: The Brotherhood of the Blacks) Most people in the USA know the pointed hood, which is part of the uniform of the KKK. Most do not know at Calle Recaredo, 19 in Seville, Andalusia, Spain, sits a building built sometime around 1550. It belongs to La Hermandad de los Negritos…… Continue reading Was The KKK Uniform Stolen From Africans?

Every Race Has A Flag But The Coon

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqsPzwrOK3A “Every Race Has A Flag But The Coon” is the title of one of the very first “coon songs.” It represents contempt for Black people due to their lack of cohesiveness. That shortcoming was emphasized by the absence of a flag symbolically identifying all African people everywhere. We are approaching the 100th anniversary of the Red,…… Continue reading Every Race Has A Flag But The Coon


“A lie ceases to be very dangerous when it parts with its ability to deceive.” Cover of The Race Problem. GREAT SPEECH OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS, DELIVERED BEFORE THE BETHEL LITERARY AND HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION, IN THE METROPOLITAN A. M. E. CHURCH, Washington, D.C. OCTOBER 21, 1890. Originally sourced from The Daniel A. P. Murray Pamphlet Collection…… Continue reading The Race Problem by FREDERICK DOUGLASS.

A History of Black Supremacy: Part 1

Once we completed our post on a history of White Supremacy, it seemed almost natural that a history of Black Supremacy follow. Although titled “A History of Black Supremacy,” clearly what is commonly referred to as “Black Supremacy” represents a fear of “Black Greatness” beyond the perception of melanin challenged people who call themselves “white.” Believe it or not, the phrases…… Continue reading A History of Black Supremacy: Part 1

First use in print of the phrase “white supremacy”:On Negro Ascendancy in the West Indies

This ascendency is now advancing with rapid footsteps, and Cuba may be fairly declared not only the last hope of white supremacy in those islands, but the single remaining barrier that interposes between our coasts and a numerous empire of blacks, fostered, guided and upheld by the strongest powers of Europe.