What ‘Back to Africa’ Means

An essay by Marcus Garvey from the January 30, 1926 Negro World Weekly Newspaper. Having traveled for hundreds of years across the deserts and prairies of human prejudice, we have now arrived at the crossroads of racial destiny. Each and every race today seems to be traveling in its own direction. The great human family…… Continue reading What ‘Back to Africa’ Means


A cable report from London says that the Colonial authorities are very much disturbed over the native nationalist agitation; yet others laughed at us when we said that we were determined to have a free and redeemed Africa; they questioned the possibility of redeeming Africa. Now we see that Africa will redeem herself, not so much from without as from within.

The Red, Black and Green Flag Story

Wear Red, Black and Green on August 13. This post originally appeared on the UNIA website in December of 1998. The RED, BLACK and GREEN Flag was unveiled to the world by the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey and the members of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League, of the World at it’s…… Continue reading The Red, Black and Green Flag Story

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