Sun Ra: The Chaos On This Planet

“The chaos on this planet is due to the music that musicians are playing, that they are forced to play, by some who just think of money and don’t realize that music is a spiritual language, and it represents the people of earth. When musicians are compelled to play anything, it goes straight to the…… Continue reading Sun Ra: The Chaos On This Planet

LTD (Love Togetherness and Devotion) Sometimes (Lyrics)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faEECdol8Ko Sometimes I give love Sometimes I take There’re times when I know I’m right And sometimes I make mistakes And sometimes I can’t lose Sometimes I can Sometimes I may even brag Then humble sometimes I am (then again sometimes) and everybody’s wrong sometimes (then again sometimes) and people get along sometimes (so shall…… Continue reading LTD (Love Togetherness and Devotion) Sometimes (Lyrics)

Let us pray for Africa

Lagbaja is a musician from Nigeria. In the lyrics to his song “Bad Leadership” from the album C’ est Un African Thing he has a prayer. We share it below for those who feel it is important to “Pray for Africa.” Let us pray for Africa If you love Africa…let’s go Oh God of all heaven…… Continue reading Let us pray for Africa

Rhythm by Marimba Ani

Transcription of a spoken word performance extracted from the track “Saturn” on the CD 2000 Black — Ascension for expansion. This originated in the Book “Let the Circle Be Unbroken” by Dona Richards (Marimba Ani) Soul is the essence of the human in the African view. It was our soul that was traumatized by slavery.…… Continue reading Rhythm by Marimba Ani

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