Melanin Myth #2: Melanin Injections

https://keyamsha.com/2018/06/08/miwmtg/ This is part two in a ten part series on the myths being spread surrounding melanin. Melanin is worth more than gold silver platinum palladium rhodium and coltan combined!!! Apparently, the need to inject melanin motivates melanin thieves. Well okay. Technically, yes, you can take a hypodermic needle, fill it with melanin and inject…… Continue reading Melanin Myth #2: Melanin Injections

Melanin for sale: Melanin On The Black Market?

The idea melanin is being sold on the black market is the latest melanin myth. Apparently the melanin deniers came up with that one because they were unable to reconcile the fact the myth of melanin being sold on the stock market was easily refuted.

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