Scholar.Google.Com shows over 265,000 scholarly articles involving melanin. In a totally unexpected turn of events we have found that even though evidence suggests otherwise, no term exists describing the field of study or those or participate in the study of melanin. Melanin, apparently, has been around forever. There are over 270,000 scholarly articles at the…… Continue reading Melaninologists

Melaninology: The study of melanin.

https://keyamsha.com/2018/06/08/miwmtg/ Melanin has been studied for centuries. Oddly, Black people, melanin people, African people, in general, know very little about the substance which causes their physical appearance. For us to truly know ourselves, and accurately perceive the world around us, the study of melanin must be paramount. We need to become experts in melaninology, which…… Continue reading Melaninology: The study of melanin.