Keyamsha the Awakening and Mchakato Wa Uponyaji, The Process of Healing

As The Maafa is coming to an end Keyamsha, the Awakening is beginning. The Maafa is ending because we have begun Mchakato wa Uponyaji, the process of healing. Kiamsha events have been leading to the gradual process of reawakening. We are coming to a full awareness of our ubuNTU. We see our humanity in others.…… Continue reading Keyamsha the Awakening and Mchakato Wa Uponyaji, The Process of Healing

Kuamsha (the awakening)

https://www.facebook.com/notes/nnamdi-azikiwe/kuamsha-the-awakening/10150133508441757/ Ku amsha (to awaken) is a reference for healing our life condition. It is making us realize we can only love ourselves when we truly know ourselves. We defined humanity for thousands if not millions of years before there was any concept of humanity other than the one we created. We have to heal…… Continue reading Kuamsha (the awakening)

Why Is August 13th World Melanin Day?

Melanin puts the “B” in RBG and the “Black” in Red, Black and Green.

Melanin is worth over $350.00 a gram more than gold t-shirt

Keep calm Melanin is worth $396 a gram. That is a fact. Truth is a force. The truth is we are awakening. Mchakato wa Uponyaji is the process of healing from the great disaster known as the Maafa. Keyamsha, the awakening is happening as you read this. For hundreds of years people of African ancestry, […]


The Mhotep Corporation announced today its plans to make this August 13, 2017 the Reddest, Blackest and Greenest day ever. To this end, they issue the #RBGChallenge and invite everyone to celebrate the #RBG and “Wear Red, Black and Green on August Thirteen!!!”

Top 10 Myths About Melanin

If the people spreading lies about melanin truly believe this world is supposed to be the way them and the people who think like them want it to be, all they would have to do is tell the truth.

The Melanin Harvesting Hoax (Again)

March 24, 2017 was one of the biggest days in the history of Keyamsha the Awakening (the blog). We had over 1500 visitors and over 3000 views. The saga continued. On March 25, we had at least 1000 visitors. Unfortunately, we are not celebrating. Twitter blew the blog up. But it was not for a good…… Continue reading The Melanin Harvesting Hoax (Again)

Messin with your mind

They are messin’ with your mind Playing with your brain Wasting cosmic time Trying to drive folks insane They’re using mass confusion Trying to produce insane conclusions They are fakin’ hard core And they know it’s just an illusion They’re imposing their insanity On all humanity Do you think that’s they way it’s supposed to…… Continue reading Messin with your mind


A cable report from London says that the Colonial authorities are very much disturbed over the native nationalist agitation; yet others laughed at us when we said that we were determined to have a free and redeemed Africa; they questioned the possibility of redeeming Africa. Now we see that Africa will redeem herself, not so much from without as from within.

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