The 8000-year-old dugout canoe from Dufuna (NE Nigeria)

PETER BREUNIG Originally appeared in Aspects of African Archaeology: Papers from the 10th Congress of the Pan-African Association for Prehistory and Related Studies edited by Gilbert Pwiti and Robert Soper INTRODUCTION Boats are humanity’s oldest means of transport. Long before the invention of the wheel and cart, or of transport by animal, boats enabled not … More The 8000-year-old dugout canoe from Dufuna (NE Nigeria)

Melanin Deficiency

The following is part of an extract from the United States Government patent 5703051 Therapeutic uses of melanin or as we like to describe it “Melanin Therapy.” One aspect of the present invention relates to the treatment of a mammal having a disease of a tissue which exhibits a melanin deficiency by the administration to the … More Melanin Deficiency