Sun Ra: I’m A Spiritual Being Myself

You still got a man head of the Ku Klux Klan saying that the…the Black people have contributed as much to Western civilization as the horse. Actually, uh, since I don’t consider myself as, uh, one of the humans, I’m a spiritual being myself. I’m sure I can contribute more than a horse. To any…… Continue reading Sun Ra: I’m A Spiritual Being Myself

Sun Ra: I Bypassed The Space Age

About 10 years ago the New York Times said i had bypassed the Space Age. And I have. But the Space Age can be a bridge to the Omniverse age and that’s what I’m talking about to members of the band. Hoping that they will make it because it is judgement day for them as…… Continue reading Sun Ra: I Bypassed The Space Age

Here are the African Gods who lived, and set us free. WE ARE THE AFRICAN GODS! WE ARE!… YOU AND ME — Abbey Lincoln

The Gods and Goddesses of Africa/Not Israel!..Where are the African Gods who lived, and set us free? WE ARE THE AFRICAN GODS” WE ARE!… YOU AND ME” Abbey Lincoln


“Outsiders will never understand the psychology of those they called Garveyites. We doubt if we who are thus nicknamed understand it ourselves. The binding spell, the indefinable charm which Mr Garvey exercises over us beggars description. But we find reason for it in our conviction that no man has spoken to us like this man, inculcating pride and nobility of race, and clearly pointing out the Star of Hope to a discouraged and down trodden people.” thus wrote Archbishop George Alexander McGuire, in “The Negro Churchman”, Sept 1923.

Oath to the Ancestors by Ishakamusa Barashango

Dr. Barashango Reverend Dr. Ishakamusa Barashango was an African scholar who gave us “Oath to the Ancestors.” Born in 1938 he is the author of many books including: Afrikan Woman the Original Guardian AngelAfrikan People and European Holidays: A Mental Genocide, Volume 1 and 2God, the Bible and the Black Man’s DestinyAfrikan Genesis: Amazing Stories…… Continue reading Oath to the Ancestors by Ishakamusa Barashango

Seek Audacious Power by Adam Clayton Powell

“So beware not only of Greeks bearing gifts but colored men seeking loans and Northern white liberals!” advised Adam Clayton Powell in the baccalaureate delivered before the graduating class of Howard University Sunday May 29th 1966 following is the complete text of Representative Powell’s address.


One of the most widely spread quotes by Marcus Garvey is the title of this post. Even United States President Barack Obama uses a paraphrased quote in his book Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. Though Obama may not necessarily be a fan of the concepts presented here he could possibly…… Continue reading LOOK UP, YOU MIGHTY RACE


The editorial in The African Morning Post issue of May 7, under the heading: “Do The Europeans Believe In god?” has been read by me with great interest. I fail however to agree with the conclusion in the last but one paragraph that, “judging by the European’s attitude towards the Africans, there is no indication…… Continue reading HAS THE AFRICAN A GOD?

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