The Melanin Convergence: From Maafa to Ubuntu

“Melanin Convergence” signifies real time prophecy envisioning growth. It confers upon us responsibility to implement African Redemption correcting the immoral and amoral 1883-1884 Berlin Conference. No political authority relinquished African sovereignty to European countries and the U.S.A. No African social, political, and cultural infrastructure developed over hundreds of thousands of years validated that conference.

Will August 13, 2020 be One Bright Day?

Let us excite and expand human awareness with a U.N.I.A. revived with 12 million card carrying members by August 1, 2020. The 12 million provides the organization with $408 million in dues. Consolidating our energy prepares us for the 100th anniversary of the First International Convention of the U.N.I.A. in August 2020. Calling the gathering “The Melanin Convergence” sets the tone for everything happening during August 2020. Out of the events we produce “The Ubuntu Declaration.” August 13th as #RBG100 and World Melanin Day positions us to we flood the internet and social media with well-being through the #RBG100, #AR2020 and #WMD2020 hashtags.

Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold: Is This The Era Of The Blessed Generation?

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BUY NOW: Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold by Nnamdi Azikiwe #MIWMTG

Front Cover to the book Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold #MIWMTG ISBN: 9780578480862 Click here to buy paperback from Amazon.com. Click here to buy e-book from Smashwords. It started nine months after a marker was placed at the grave of the Honorable Lady Henrietta Vinton Davis. As we prepared to conduct a Sacred Libation…… Continue reading BUY NOW: Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold by Nnamdi Azikiwe #MIWMTG

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