Astroblack mythology Astrotimeless immortality Astrothought in mystic sound Astroblack of outer space Astronatural dark as dark Astroreach beyond the stars Out to endless endlessness Astroblack cosmo earth The universe is in my voice The universe speaks through this song To those of earth and other worlds Listen while you have the chance Find your place … More Astroblack

Visualize Planet Melanin

VISUALIZE PLANET MELANIN There are no police on Planet Melanin. There are no single parent households on Planet Melanin. There is no ghetto on Planet Melanin. Maat reigns supreme on Planet Melanin. Everyone has a house on Planet Melanin. Unemployment does not exist on Planet Melanin. We eat what we grow and we grow what … More Visualize Planet Melanin

Let us pray for Africa

Lagbaja is a musician from Nigeria. In the lyrics to his song “Bad Leadership” from the album C’ est Un African Thing he has a prayer. We share it below for those who feel it is important to “Pray for Africa.” Let us pray for Africa If you love Africa…let’s go Oh God of all heaven … More Let us pray for Africa

Do you see any ni**ers? No. You know why? Because there aren’t any.

Richard Pryor from live on the Sunset strip describing why he stopped using the word ni**a. “It’s nice to have pride about your shit. I went home to the motherland. And everybody should go home to Africa. Everybody. Especially, Black people. Really man, there is so much to see there for the eye and the … More Do you see any ni**ers? No. You know why? Because there aren’t any.