Melanin Deficiency

The following is part of an extract from the United States Government patent 5703051 Therapeutic uses of melanin or as we like to describe it “Melanin Therapy.” One aspect of the present invention relates to the treatment of a mammal having a disease of a tissue which exhibits a melanin deficiency by the administration to the…… Continue reading Melanin Deficiency

Melanin Therapy or Therapeutic uses of melanin

Here we present a US Government patent entitled “Melanin Therapy” or “Therapeutic uses of melanin.” The patent is a source for information about melanin, it’s function, specifically in mammals and the disease state resulting from effects of melanin loss. United States Patent 5,703,051 Berliner ,   et al. December 30, 1997 Therapeutic uses of melanin…… Continue reading Melanin Therapy or Therapeutic uses of melanin