Melanin Myths: They Just Keep Coming

We found that there were more than ten myths about melanin. In order to continue tracking the melanin myth machine we decided to create an article documenting the myths as they come to us. Stay tuned. Melanin is only pigment or color Melanin is a chemical. It is an aromatic biopolymer and organic semiconductor. Yes, … More Melanin Myths: They Just Keep Coming

“Person of color” Fails At Dumbing Down Melanin

Another liberal commentator did it. She said “Person of color” as though it was some meaningless, throwaway phrase. What is remarkable about the use of that term is what it says without saying it. Is “white” not a color? The phrase implies white is not a color because, so-called “white” people are not included in the group … More “Person of color” Fails At Dumbing Down Melanin

Melanin Rising

The rising tide of melanin against the melanin challenged inferiority complex is causing a shift in human consciousness. We know this because of a few well placed facts. Lothrop Stoddard, Harvard University graduate,historian, journalist, eugenicist, Klansman, and political theorist is most notable for a book he wrote entitled “The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-supremacy.” … More Melanin Rising

Melanin Challenged

Melanin challenged Sat on a wall made out of lies, cunning, trickery and deceit he used to convince superstitious people he was something called white that has never existed to color code sin and virtue. Melanin challenged Had a great fall once melanin balanced people learned melanin was worth over $350 a gram more than gold … More Melanin Challenged