I saw before me then, even as I do now, a new world of black men, not peons, serfs, dogs and slaves, but a nation of sturdy men making their impress upon civilization and causing a new light to dawn upon the human race.

Marcus Garvey’s greatest achievement

Marcus Garvey’s greatest achievement was performing psychic surgery on the minds of millions of mentally enslaved people to restore their sense of pride, dignity, nobility and nation. His operating room was liberty hall. His scalpel was the Black Star Shipping Line. You know who were his nurses. Red Black and Green  stitches were covered by…… Continue reading Marcus Garvey’s greatest achievement

The Black Star Line was incorporated 102 years ago today

Today June 27, 2021 marks 102 years since the incorporation of the Black Star Line by Marcus Garvey and members of the UNIA. The Black Star Line was incorporated in Delaware on June 27, 1919.


The following is an excerpt from the Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Papers Volume 2 pages 245 & 246. It presents a speech given by James Wormley Jones. Jones addressed his audience on his having the appearance of a “white” man. He denied being who he appears to be to calm the audience. As the…… Continue reading EX-CAPTAIN JONES, U.S.A., SPEAKS

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