The Melanin Convergence: From Maafa to Ubuntu

“Melanin Convergence” signifies real time prophecy envisioning growth. It confers upon us responsibility to implement African Redemption correcting the immoral and amoral 1883-1884 Berlin Conference. No political authority relinquished African sovereignty to European countries and the U.S.A. No African social, political, and cultural infrastructure developed over hundreds of thousands of years validated that conference.

1 Week To RBG100: The RBG Countdown To August 13, 2020 and the Melanin Convergence

Another thing that could happen on August 13, 2020 is what we call the Melanin Convergence: That point in time when Melanin people, Black people, African people at home, in Africa, and abroad, in the diaspora, come to collectively invoke the immense power they possess.