Here are the African Gods who lived, and set us free. WE ARE THE AFRICAN GODS! WE ARE!… YOU AND ME — Abbey Lincoln

The Gods and Goddesses of Africa/Not Israel!..Where are the African Gods who lived, and set us free? WE ARE THE AFRICAN GODS” WE ARE!… YOU AND ME” Abbey Lincoln

On Feeling Human

Several years ago I found myself perplexed by a quandary. On numerous occasions I experienced a feeling that I couldn’t name. The feeling was good. Whenever it came upon me I felt as though life was something special; more special than before. When the feeling first came I do not recall the day or time.…… Continue reading On Feeling Human

Soul Force is…

Soul Force is the source of endurance which brought The Survivors out of the Maafa through Mchakato wa uponyaji to Keyamsha, the awakening. Soul Force made the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation a necessity. Soul Force brought about the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the U.S. constitution. Soul Force made Victory…… Continue reading Soul Force is…


“Outsiders will never understand the psychology of those they called Garveyites. We doubt if we who are thus nicknamed understand it ourselves. The binding spell, the indefinable charm which Mr Garvey exercises over us beggars description. But we find reason for it in our conviction that no man has spoken to us like this man, inculcating pride and nobility of race, and clearly pointing out the Star of Hope to a discouraged and down trodden people.” thus wrote Archbishop George Alexander McGuire, in “The Negro Churchman”, Sept 1923.

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