RBG100 Begins in Exactly Nine Months

Today, November 7, 2019 marks nine months until the one-hundredth anniversary of the Red, Black and Green. We intend commencing on that date commence a new era giving birth to revival of thought and behavior among “Africans, at home and abroad.” We also emphasize that day as being designated “World Melanin Day.” We chose to… More RBG100 Begins in Exactly Nine Months

Are You Ready For #RBG100?

Melanin is worth more than gold. The Afro, Official currency of the United States of Africa or the African Union is worth over $2. The 100th year of Red, Black and Green is rapidly approaching. Does that all sound as if the whirlwind prophesied by Marcus Mosiah Garvey is on its way? Does that indicate… More Are You Ready For #RBG100?