In a totally unexpected turn of events we have found that even though evidence suggests otherwise, no term exists describing the field of study or those or participate in the study of melanin. Melanin, apparently, has been around forever. There are over 270,000 scholarly articles at the present involving melanin in one way or another.… More Melaninologists

Melaninology: The study of melanin.

Melanin has been studied for centuries. Oddly, Black people, melanin people, African people, in general, know very little about the substance which causes their physical appearance. For us to truly know ourselves, and accurately perceive the world around us, the study of melanin must be paramount. We need to become experts in melaninology, which we… More Melaninology: The study of melanin.

Melanin Harvesting Video?

Now hear this: Melanin Harvesting is an urban legend. It is a hoax. Melanin thieves are a scam. They are a myth…an illusion manufactured by the same people who invented so-called “white” people. Watch melanin being harvested in these two videos from sepia officinalis, the common cuttlefish. Mind your wants cuz someone who wants your… More Melanin Harvesting Video?

From the Welsing Institute

“We now are in the 21st century. Recently, there has been an unraveling and an analysis of the core issue of the first global power system of mass oppression– the power system of racism (white supremacy). Once the collective victim (non-white population) understands this fundamental issue, the ultimate organizing of all of the appropriate behaviors… More From the Welsing Institute


The game has changed. When people said, #blacklivesmatter, apparently that was too much for some people so they had to counter it with #alllivesmatter. Would it be necessary to point out that #blacklivesmatter if #alllivesmatter was true? In this global chess match the opposing player got themselves out of check. To that we say #melaninmattersmost.… More #BLACKLIVESMATTER because #MELANINMATTERSMOST

FACT: There are over 176,000 scholarly articles with the word “MELANIN” in them.

Update: Since we first began documenting facts about melanin the number of scholarly articles has increased. In two three years’ time the number has increased by over 89,000 articles. That is almost 30,000 articles a year. The growth apparently is due to articles which were published at some time in the past being added to Google… More FACT: There are over 176,000 scholarly articles with the word “MELANIN” in them.