Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold In 2023?

On January 5, 2023, we observed an increase. That day melanin was worth $544 a gram!!! That represents an increase of $44 in the past year.

Dr. Welsing Tells Us About The Deep Knowledge of Melanin

Melanin is essential for having deep knowledge of the symbol because melanin is capable of absorbing a broad spectrum of energy frequencies or data.

Our Blood Our Melanin and Africa Unites Us T-shirt.

Get your Melanin unity t-shirt for only $22.99 at the Keyamsha the Awakening store Our Blood Our Melanin and Africa Unites Us. That is the culturally coded wisdom symbolically embedded in the Red, Black and Green. It tells us who are willing to know the truth: Our Blood, Our Melanin and Africa UNITES US!!! No…… Continue reading Our Blood Our Melanin and Africa Unites Us T-shirt.

Global Interest In Melanin Rises To Unprecedented Levels.

Similarly, interest in the search query “how much is melanin worth?” is growing as well.

Melanin Denial is unhealthy and a mental health Issue

Denial n. a defense mechanism in which unpleasant thoughts, feelings, wishes, or events are ignored or excluded from conscious awareness.

Melanin for sale: Melanin On The Black Market?

The idea melanin is being sold on the black market is the latest melanin myth. Apparently the melanin deniers came up with that one because they were unable to reconcile the fact the myth of melanin being sold on the stock market was easily refuted.