Flyy Girl

She was flyy. Flyy like you don’t see these days. No nail polish. Little perfume and she attracted men wherever she went. Through her I learned people can be jealous for no real reason. I never really understood why dudes in school went so crazy over her. They would relentlessly try talking to her and… More Flyy Girl

Janheinz Jahn

Janheinz Jahn was a social anthropologist, lecturer, author and founder of the research center on Neo-African culture. Mr. Jahn is internationally known for his studies in new studies in Africa which has resulted in the combination of traditional and new influences. Mr Jahn has lectured on a wide range of topics dealing with Africa and… More Janheinz Jahn

Ahmed Baba: A Scholar of old Africa by John Henrik Clarke

If the University of Sankore had not been destroyed; if Professor Ahmed Baba, author of forty historical works, had not had his works and his university destroyed; if the University of Sankore as it was in 1591 had survived the ravage of foreign invasions; the academic and cultural history of Africa might have been different… More Ahmed Baba: A Scholar of old Africa by John Henrik Clarke