My Black Position Paper

Photo of Congressman Adam Clayton Powell My Black Position Paper EXTENSION OF REMARKSOFHON. ADAM C. POWELLOF NEW YORKIN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVESMonday, June 6, 1966 Mr. POWELL. Mr. Speaker, this year I celebrate a quarter of a century in politics. In those 25 years, a philosophy which has guided my thought and my every act…… Continue reading My Black Position Paper

Black Power Is Neither Black Supremacy Nor Reverse Racism

Extracted from (paid link) Black Power recognizes — it must recognize — the ethnic basis of American politics as well as the power-oriented nature of American politics. Black Power therefore calls for black people to consolidate behind their own, so that they can bargain from a position of strength. But while we endorse the procedure…… Continue reading Black Power Is Neither Black Supremacy Nor Reverse Racism

Melanin Retarded: The Politically Incorrect Way To Say Melanin Challenged

We see things as they are. Simply put, there is not now, nor has there ever been a single, quantifiable, empirical phenomenon upon which to base the idea people are white. Furthermore, there is no material substance from which to derive so-called white people. White has no chemical formula, it has no molecular structure and…… Continue reading Melanin Retarded: The Politically Incorrect Way To Say Melanin Challenged

On Ascendivism

Years ago a friend was in prison. He was due to be released after nearly fourteen years of incarceration. We reconnected after over a decade when I crossed paths with his brother one day on the street in Harlem. After which we talked and wrote each other regularly in anticipation of his release. One of…… Continue reading On Ascendivism

Messin with your mind

They are messin’ with your mind Playing with your brain Wasting cosmic time Trying to drive folks insane They’re using mass confusion Trying to produce insane conclusions They are fakin’ hard core And they know it’s just an illusion They’re imposing their insanity On all humanity Do you think that’s they way it’s supposed to…… Continue reading Messin with your mind

Seek Audacious Power by Adam Clayton Powell

“So beware not only of Greeks bearing gifts but colored men seeking loans and Northern white liberals!” advised Adam Clayton Powell in the baccalaureate delivered before the graduating class of Howard University Sunday May 29th 1966 following is the complete text of Representative Powell’s address.

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