Listen to Marcus Garvey: A Membership Appeal to the African Citizens of the United States

Below is the second of two audio recordings of Marcus Garvey. Listen to Marcus Garvey makes an appeal to the citizens of the United States to become members of the Universal Negro Improvement Association. A transcript of the speech follows. Fellow citizens of Africa, I greet you in the name of the Universal Negro Improvement…… Continue reading Listen to Marcus Garvey: A Membership Appeal to the African Citizens of the United States

Recorded Voice of Marcus Garvey On His Return To The United States

We love humanity; we desire peace, and anything the Universal Negro Improvement Association and I can do for the advancement of the cause of humanity and for the permanent establishment of peace, we shall be glad to do.

“I Am the Equal Of ANY White Man”– Marcus Garvey

President of the Black Star Line, president of the Negro Factories Corporation, president-general of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League and Provisional President of Africa, Garvey tells his followers I am the equal of any white man I want you to feel the same way.

Will August 13, 2020 be One Bright Day?

Let us excite and expand human awareness with a U.N.I.A. revived with 12 million card carrying members by August 1, 2020. The 12 million provides the organization with $408 million in dues. Consolidating our energy prepares us for the 100th anniversary of the First International Convention of the U.N.I.A. in August 2020. Calling the gathering “The Melanin Convergence” sets the tone for everything happening during August 2020. Out of the events we produce “The Ubuntu Declaration.” August 13th as #RBG100 and World Melanin Day positions us to we flood the internet and social media with well-being through the #RBG100, #AR2020 and #WMD2020 hashtags.

Linguistic Society of America (LSA) Resolution on the Oakland “Ebonics” Issue

“Characterizations of Ebonics as “slang,” “mutant,” ” lazy,” “defective,” “ungrammatical,” or “broken English” are incorrect and demeaning.” “What is important from a linguistic and educational point of view is not whether AAVE is called a “language” or a “dialect” but rather that its systematicity be recognized.”

AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS (By W.E.B. Dubois in the Crisis Magazine)

It seems WEB Dubois was maligned by the New York Times in 1921. The paper claimed he believed Africans abroad could not live in the climate of Africa. He refuted that claim in an article in the Crisis Magazine. The odd thing about it? Dubois uses it as an excuse to attack Marcus Garvey. He…… Continue reading AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS (By W.E.B. Dubois in the Crisis Magazine)

New photo of Dr. George G.M. James revealed

George GM James photo from immigration record “Notice of Intention.” A new photo Dr. George Granville Monah James author of Stolen Legacy has just come to our awareness. The photo comes from Dr. James’ immigration file. It was attached to the “Declaration of Intention” form James submitted in December 1937.

African Redemption Reclaims Our Stolen Legacy

Photo of Dr. George GM James In Stolen Legacy, the classic book by Dr. George Granville Monah James, are numerous descriptions of “African Redemption” as being the key ingredient for leading to a reclaiming of our stolen legacy. A free download of Stolen Legacy is available at this link. By using the phrase “African Redemption”…… Continue reading African Redemption Reclaims Our Stolen Legacy

The Redemption of Africa by Marcus Garvey

The forces of their deliverance are working with subtlety that press into service the very emotions of prejudice, hate and selfishness; and in a wonderful way are harnessing them to the worthy motives of sympathy and justice. Thus the Negro of his own vastly improved resources yoked to the unwonted aid of his foes, sees before his eyes the world awakened, to the fact of his approaching deliverance from bondage.

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