My name is Nnamdi Azikiwe. Welcome to Keyamsha.com the headquarters of change-inspiring activities to flood this planet with peace, justice, righteousness, order, balance harmony and reciprocity.

Keyamsha the Awakening is a movement inspiring change in awareness, perception and power. This movement is ready to usher in the era when all the generations of humanity can be called blessed. We did not start the movement. We entered into it, gave focus to it and coordinated some of the basic knowledge it contains.

What more can we do to build a community around what we call Keyamsha, the Awakening? Black people, African people, at home and abroad are waking up. We are becoming more aware of the truth about who we are and the lies lying liars have been telling about us and our ancestors. We are learning what was not taught. We are perceiving new perceptions. We have let go of limitations. We are aware of an awareness beyond this present state of awareness.

How did we reach this new state of awareness? Was it the Red pill??? The Blue Pill??? What about Keyamsha the RBG Pill?

Kiamsha is a swahili word. The root “amsha” has several meanings including: rouse, galvanize, move, rekindle, key up, freshen, appetize, disturb, jog, call forth, excite, incite, rally, interest, intrigue, evoke, brisk, bring around (revive), inflame, inspirit. It’s prefix ki- means “of a given kind.” The combination of the two has been thought of as meaning “that which awakens me.” We see this idea of “awakening” as being key to the restoration of African Civilization, so we have respelled kiamsha to keyamsha, thus creating a “Hybrid word.” The prefix “key” now indicates that we “hold the key to the world’s destiny” in the “palm of our hand.” It is the key to the prison that could become our mind. No one can free us from the prison of our mind through mental emancipation for us, like us, but us.

We took Keyamsha, the RBG Pill, and put it on a t-shirt. Get yours now!!!

the original notorious rbg pill w yellow text

Keyamsha the RBG Pill is the number 1 antidote against Afrophobia, the Maafa, the Yurugu Virus and Willie Lynch syndrome. Side effects include self-love, self-respect, high self-esteem, elevated self worth, expanded awareness and widened perspective. Also provides immunization against spiritual, emotional and psychological warfare. .Caution: May cause some family and friends to disassociate with you. Also may result in a name change, adopting traditional African spiritual traditions, wearing traditional African clothes, speaking an African language and a pilgrimage to the Motherland. Contains: the collected works of Marcus Mosiah Garvey,

John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Asa G Hilliard, Cheikh Anta Diop, Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Chancellor James Williams, Negro Sprituals, Ring shouts, koras, djembes, balas, P-funk, jazz, blues, astroblacktricity, juju, voodoo, hoodoo, the Pert Em Heru, Soil of the Sahara Forest, Pyramid Blocks, Timbuktu manuscripts, Ghanaian gold, Nigerian oil (both palm and petroleum) Azanian diamonds, tantalite, platinum, melanin, Timbuktu salt, a splinter from the Ishango bone, a fragment of the Bakongo bone, the coordinates of stones of Namoratunga and the entire history of the African race back to the African who took that first great walk in the sun.

Melanin Is Worth Over $350 A Gram More Than Gold
Ready to use your power to restore justice to this planet? Share the knowledge with a “Melanin is worth over $350 a gram more than gold” t-shirt for only $22.99 at http://www.cafepress.com/keyamsha

After years under the influence of Keyamsha the RBG pill, the awakening kicked in with full force. We realized Keyamsha the awakening had been an ongoing historical event since the Haitian revolution. Numerous events have occurred since then; some to energize Keyamsha the awakening, others to distract from the awakening’s existence. On June 28, 2014 we experienced one of the most powerful side effects of Keyamsha the RBG pill. That day we asked a question and received an answer. The question? “Does melanin have a dollar value?” The answer was not only yes, it was emphatic and overwhelming to say the least. That day we learned melanin, the aromatic biopolymer and organic semiconductor that makes Black people black was worth $353 a gram and posted it to our blog.

keyamsha store ad
Melanin is worth $373.50 a gram and The Shield of Audacious Power are just two of the t-shirts available at Keyamsha The Awakening’s official store.

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  1. Peace fam, The National Historic Landmark Liberty Hall needs shirts to help save the building. I can give you all the information, on how you can help. This is what I have been sending personal friends on facebook. Do you or someone you may know have a idea or already have in works a community rooted program/business but currently do not have a physical space/building to work out of in the community? Well, Liberty Hall is now taking community Applications for incubation/free space for services rendered to the community for the first time in a long time. It’s over five office rooms and meeting room, a digital arts studio and television access station and program for youth/live-stream connection ready to go! Also Liberty Hall has a computer lab/training and referral center/soup kitchen. This Historic Marcus Garvey Liberty Hall building is NOW accepting applications to show the powerful need of continuing the services in the building and make it a cultivating hub for the African American community. for people who want to start a small business or community grass rooted organization/program for the community/youth inside Liberty Hall I can give you a tour of this huge facility. It’s plenty of office and floor space, if you interested hit me up 510-350-7798. (this is a critical opportunity to reestablish the Garvey’s tradition, we need you!)

    BACK TO THE MESSAGE: LOL “I just added you to the group “Save the Marcus Garvey (U.N.I.A) Liberty Hall building which is an African American Historic National Landmark in West Oakland… hope you don’t mine. Quick favor, since this is a serious issue we need to win, when you get some time out of your busy day could you invite friends to “Save the Marcus Garvey (U.N.I.A) group? Specifically, folks in the Bay Area/West Coast… that would be a big help to spread the word about saving this National Landmark and the programs and services inside this historic hall, thank you.”

  2. Developing businesses also shows we have accumulated knowledge of our true worth as human beings and are certain our knowledge can be applied to manipulate the world around us in emulation of the creator of all that is in a manner that others see as valuable.

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