Melanin Is Worth $300.00 A Gram More Than Gold T-shirt

Keep calm. Melanin is worth $300 a gram more than gold. It is our destiny to influence awareness, perception and power. Get your Melanin value t-shirt @ http://www.cafepress.com/keyamsha.1448361571

Keep calm. Melanin is worth $384.50 a gram. That is a fact. Truth is a force. The truth is forcing us to awaken. For at least the last 500 years we have been lied to. As Malcolm told us we have been hoodwinked, flim flammed, bamboozled, we been took, we been had, we been led astray, run amok.

But now Everybody Rejoice for its a Brand New Day. Mchakato wa Uponyaji the process of healing from the great disaster known as the Maafa is underway. Keyamsha, the awakening is happening as you read this.

For hundreds of years people of African ancestry, Black people, have been subjected to the idea that dark skin is something other than desirable. Even now, the idea that darkness is somehow other than desirable continues to be promoted. Now we know melanin, the aromatic biopolymer and organic semiconductor that makes Black people black, is worth $300 a gram more than gold we have reason to not only celebrate, we can elevate. It is through this knowledge that we can Project Our Will for Eternal Revitalization.

All we have to do is tell each other the truth.

One way we can get the truth out is by presenting the truth to each other. Wearing a Melanin value t-shirt inject the truth about melanin’s worth into the logosphere, the place where the universe of ideas exist. With the fact of melanin being worth more than gold into the marketplace of ideas we can influence all discussions about our humanity and our destiny.

Get your Melanin value t-shirt now and push Mchakato wa Uponyaji forward everywhere you go.

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