It is astonishing how disloyal and selfish is the average Negro “intellectual” of the passing generation to his race. “Marcus Garvey.”

Scrapping the “Barnacles” of a Race

Another tidbit of wisdom from The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey. It is provided here because numerous of the “intellectual” type described here have taken it upon themselves to misrepresent the true wording.

It is astonishing how disloyal and selfish is the average Negro “intellectual” of the passing generation to his race.

The Negro who has had the benefit of an education of forty, thirty, and twenty years ago, is the greatest fraud and stumbling block to the real progress of the race. He was educated with the wrong psychology and perspective. He indulged the belief, and carried out the practice, that to be a man, and be great, is to exploit the less fortunate members of his race, barter their rights economically and politically, and then with the attendant personal success, seek to escape the race through an underground current of miscegenation. Their late effort to protest their desire for “social equality,” meaning intermingling with the whites as their highest ambition, is a lie, and they know it. They may deceive a few unthinking whites, and a large number of Negroes, whom they continue to lead, but they cannot fool the wide-awake of our race. Their every day deeds are the greatest evidence against them. They hate their black blood and God and man know it. This old school of Negro “intellectuals” is crafty, unpatriotic and vicious. They cannot be trusted. I would rather give a dime to a dead hog, than to save the skins of all of them. They are barnacles around the necks of a struggling virile people. They lie, steal and misrepresent.

The hope of the Black race lies in our new blood–the New Negro–who is already rising to the heights of nationhood. He is the man of the future. By science, art, history, politics, industry and religion, he will rise above his environments and in another hundred years shall have laid the pillars of the greatest civilization the world ever saw.

It is good for the honest, considerate, humanitarian and progressive elements and blood of the other races to join in with and be friends of this new school for by reasonableness, equity and reciprocal sympathy we can all work together, but racially and nationally separate, for the proper adjustment of our human ills, and thus save future generations the miseries attendant upon a history of injustice, advantage and corruption.

The old schools of all races are obsolete. They should be scrapped for their selfishness, and our youth movements of all races should seize the lever of humanity and pilot the good ships to the haven of peace, human love, fraternity and justice.

By Nnamdi Azikiwe

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