Marcus Garvey Centenary 1887-1987 in the Jamaica Journal

Cover of the Jamaica Journal with a painting of Marcus Mosiah Garvey by Heather Sutherland-Wade.
Artistic representation of the Rt. Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey by Heather Sutherland-Wade. This entire issue of the Jamaica Journal is devoted to an examination of aspects of the Garvey life, legend and the heritage he bequeathed to us.

Contents of the Marcus Garvey issue

August 17, 1987 was the centenary of Marcus Mosiah Garvey. To honor the milestone, the Jamaica Journal devoted their entire August issue to articles on Garvey. The thirteen articles included:

  • The Spirit of Garvey: Lessons of the Legacy by Rex Nettleford
  • International Aspects of the Garvey Movement by Tony Martin
  • Marcus Garvey: Cultural Activist by Beverly Hamilton
  • The two Mrs Garveys: Amy Ashwood Garvey: Wife No. 1 by Tony Martin and Amy Jacques Garvey by Rupert Lewis and Maureen Warner-Lewis
  • Garvey’s Significance in Jamaica’s Historical Evolution
  • Marcus Garvey and the Politicisation of some Afro-Jamaicans in the 1920s and 1930s by Erna Brodber
  • Isaac Rose: Garvey’s Boyhood Friend as told to Wenty Bowen
  • Sister Samad: Living the Garvey Life interviewed by Maxine McDonnough
  • A Bibliography of material on Garvey at the National Library of Jamaica by Stephney Ferguson; references by June Vernon
  • Art: Garvey and the Jamaican Art Movement: Three Disparate Perspectives by Gloria Escoffery
  • Music: On Reggae and Rastafarianism — and a Garvey Prophecy by Pamela O’Gorman
  • Books and Writers Reviews — Marcus Garvey: Anti-Colonial Champion by Everton Pryce

You can read the entire issue: Jamaica Journal Centenary issue at the University of Florida Digital Collections. The cover is striking as a work of art. The disordered colors of the Red, Black and Green Flag diminished it somewhat. As it is the issue is fairly representative of Marcus Garvey at the century mark. One matter that seemed to stand out was the absence of any articles on the Universal Negro Improvement Association. In addition, there was no article on worldwide celebrations. That makes it appear his centenary was only a Jamaica occasion.

By Nnamdi Azikiwe

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