Watch 1930s Twa people of the Congo build a bridge out of local materials on YouTube

Primitive. That’s a word thrown around in relation to Africa entirely too much. The video here represents a totally different view of what that means.

Enheightenment should be a word associated with the work being done in this video. What we see is an elevated view of the people commonly referred to as Pygmys. They are actually the Twa people. In addition to demonstrating enheightenment they also display critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Eugene W. Castle of Castle Films made this film over eight days. The story of how these men built an ingenious river crossing with basically their wits and the material at hand.

Most remarkable is they engineered the solution to the problem of crossing a river without coming into contact with the crocodiles below without pen or paper. They made a plan, worked out a few kinks and in no time at all the custom built river crossing appeared.

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