Dr. Welsing Tells Us About The Deep Knowledge of Melanin

They could not see the deep knowledge of melanin despite hundreds of thousands of scholarly articles involving the chemical responsible for the appearance of human hair, skin, eyes, animal fur, reptile scales, bird feathers, and cephalopod ink among other places. Melanin is worth more than gold. That deep knowledge was beyond their awareness. Melanin was first observed to be worth more than gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and coltan combined in March 2014. Since then the value of melanin has increased six times. Yet, no major news outlet has mentioned that fact.

Cover of The Isis Papers: The Keys To The Colors by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

Here Dr. Frances Cress Welsing explains in an extract from the Isis Papers why you-know-who was unable to determine melanin is worth more than gold. At this moment the Red, Black and Green flag of Africans at home and abroad is 100 years old. The Afric, official currency of the United States of Africa is worth over $2. All of that represents we are in a new era. The only thing we need to do now is create the Melanin Tipping Point. That is the state where 780,000,000 people, representing ten percent of earth’s human population, know melanin is worth more than gold. At that poin the fact will become rapidly known. The resulting widespread deep knowledge will result in a state change in human awareness we refer as the Ubuntu Paradigm.

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The Symbolism and Meaning of Rape (October 1980) page 175

The symbol consists of multiple levels of energy data. The hieroglyphs (better known as Metu Neter), higher writings or writings concerning multiple levels of energy data, are written symbolic thought and language. Similarly, the parable is a statement of combined, multiple levels of energy data; it is also a statement of symbolic thought.

Part of our ancient heritage as Black (African) people is the knowledge of the symbol. This working knowledge includes the ability to speak, write and decode symbolic language and thought. Melanin is essential for having deep knowledge of the symbol because melanin is capable of absorbing a broad spectrum of energy frequencies or data.

Black is considered to be a perfect absorber of energy. There are innumerable facts that support this assertion. For example, Osiris, the great Egyptian (African) god, was referred to as “Lord of the Perfect Black”; Albert Einstein’s great work on energy was based on earlier knowledge in physics of the so-called “Black box” energy absorption and mission experiments; blacks holes in cosmic space are so name because of their great power to absorb all forms of energy.

Persons lacking high levels of melanin pigmentation in the nervous system, which includes the skin as its outermost manifestation, have great difficulty in absorbing energy data from the universe at multiple frequencies deep energy levels. Therefore, these white-skinned peoples, the founders of Western civilization and culture, experience great difficulty in understanding and decoding the symbol. This is the most fundamental reason that “Westerners” have difficulty in thinking like “Easterners” (black and brown peoples — people with higher levels of melanin in their nervous systems), and vice versa. Melaninated peoples are functioning with a sixth sense, the additional sensory system being that of melanin pigmentation, while Westerners function with only five senses. Thus, the Western dictionaries define hieroglyphs as “difficult to decipher.” Similarly, the Western dictionaries define parable as “an obscure or enigmatic saying.”

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Black and other non-white peoples who have been trained to think like Westerners now have to retrain their brains and nervous systems to function at full capacity through conscious effort to use their melanin networks. This can be achieved through the practice of self-respect, wherein Black and other non-white peoples respect and pay close attention to what their own six-sense nervous systems inform them of. This is quite contrary to focusing on what white-skinned peoples are able to focus on and what they train non-white peoples to focus on. Melanin-deficient “educators” can train non-white peoples to use only a portion of their nervous systems at best. Thus, it is the responsibility of non-white peoples to take charge of developing the full use of their melanin potential.

Familiarity with these issues are necessary for an examination of rape as a symbol in the white supremacy system/culture. Rape is an unjust and sick pattern of behavior. It is a behavior pattern reflective of very low levels of self-respect and, therefore, of mental illness. Simultaneously, rape manifests very low levels of respect towards others. It is a horrendous violation of the selfhood of another.

By Nnamdi Azikiwe

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