Global Interest In Melanin Rises To Unprecedented Levels.

Melanin as a search term is experiencing unprecedented interest globally. This is despite the fact it is receiving nearly no media support as opposed to white supremacy which is being boosted by unprecedented media inundation. The growth of interest in melanin as a search term on Google is has been rising month on month throughout 2020. From May to June the growth has risen by 25%. This is unprecedented growth in awareness regarding melanin

GRaph from Google trends showing unprecedented interest in melanin as a search term.
Despite little to no media support melanin as a term of interest on Google is reaching unprecedented levels.

The rise interest is happening globally as evidenced by the regions where this interest is highest. The top countries where the interest in growing are Slovakia, India, Nigeria, Turkey and Kenya. The top ten is rounded out by Philippines, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Austria, and South Korea.

Similarly, interest in the search query “how much is melanin worth?” is growing as well. It is experiencing a level of interest paralleling the rise in interest in the term from March to April 2017 when an ill-informed Melanin Twitter Bomb was launched against African American women and people of African ancestry in general.

It was the 2017 Melanin Twitter Bomb which motivated me to write my new book “Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold: Is This The Era of The Blessed Generation” available for purchase from and Smashwords in addition to other retailers.

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