Melanin Denial is a Mental Health Issue

Title of “ON THE PIGMENT OF THE NEGRO’S SKIN AND HAIR” by John J. Abel and Walter S. Davis.

In July 1896 JOHN J. ABEL, M.D., AND WALTER S. DAVIS, S.B. published a paper entitled “ON THE PIGMENT OF THE NEGRO’S SKIN AND HAIR” in the Journal of Experimental Medicine. They were the first to connect the chemical in human skin and hair that gives it its physical appearance to the chemical melanin which previously had been known to be the primary ingredient in the ink of cephalopods, most notably sepia officinalis, the common cuttlefish. That was nearly 124 years ago. Similarly, it has been six years since we first observed melanin is worth more than gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and coltan combined in March 2014.

A meme indicating melanin denial is a mental health issue.
Melanin Denial is a mental health issue.

Despite the fact over 365,000 scholarly articles exist regarding melanin, a continued effort is being made to deny its existence among the general public. After first posting melanin was worth more than gold I just went on about my business posting what I thought were the type of blog posts Keyamsha the Awakening was intended to provide. It was only in response to people claiming those of us with high levels of melanin in our skin were being killed for their melanin did the need emerge to challenge the false narrative of melanin.

Sepia officinalis, the common cuttlefish. The ink of this creature is the source of melanin being sold. It was identified as the same substance in human hair and skin in 1896 by Abel and Davis.

Some might take this as directed at people of a certain phenotype. Melanin denial is mainly affecting people of a certain educational level, primarily college educated. They have the most access to media outlets. They also seem to have the most information. Yet they refuse to apply it in a wise manner. Why are media outlets denying melanin’s existance and is worth more than gold?

The continued effort to deny the existence of melanin although it is being subjected to intense scientific scrutiny indicates a mental health issue at work. Melanin being worth more than gold brought to my awareness a psychological warfare campaign/information operation was being waged against people with high levels of melanin in their skin.

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