Melanin Rising: May 2020

Google Trends shows Melanin as a worldwide term of interest is presently at an all time high. The aromatic biopolymer and organic semiconductor found in human hair, skin and eyes in addition to animal fur, feathers and scales is presently worth more than gold. Melanin is extracted from the ink of sepia officinalis, the common cuttlefish.

Melanin is at an all-time high as a worldwide search term according to Google trends.

Google Trends lets us “explore what the world is searching for by entering a keyword or a topic in the Explore bar.” We can see daily search trends and trends for different time spans. The time span from 2004 to the present with searches including melanin as a term and melanin by itself show that interest in the term melanin is at an all time high.

100 represents the high point for a term over a time period. Fluctuations in the graph tell us when searches go down and up.

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