Louis Lomax Interviews The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Youtube Video of interview between the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Journalist Louis Lomax which is transcribed below.

Below is a transcript from an interview by Journalist Louis Lomax for the television program “The Hate That Hate Produced.” In it Lomax asks Muhammad about his teachings and the doom of the white race.

[LL] Although you have said that the white race is doomed and that they are a race of devils. Do you make any distinction? Are there any good white people? For example suppose I were to ask you whom you think is the best white man? Is there any such thing?

[THEM] I’ll let the Bible answer that. It says no not one is good.

[LL] Now if I have understood your teachings correctly, you teach that all of the members of Islam are God and that one among you is supreme and that that one is Allah. Now have I understood you correctly?

[THEM] That’s right.

[LL] Now. You have on the other hand said that Allah has taught you that the devil is the white man.

[LL] That the white man is a doomed race?

[THEM] Yes.

[LL] Am I correct there sir?

[THEM] Yes.

[LL] now that you have said sir that approx…between now and approximately 1970 there should come a reawakening…

[THEM] …a general resurrection…

[LL] …of the American Negro.

[THEM] …that’s right.

[LL] …and that the extended time for the white man …uh… may well run out and that that will come and in terms of a war between God and the devil.

[LL] this coming destruction of the white man. Will there be any bloodshed involved in this or will it be a complete mental thing?

[THEM] According to the …uh… teachings of the prophets of old and …uh… of God himself there will be plenty bloodshed. Plenty of it.

[LL] Have you ever been accused, sir, of preaching hate?

[THEM] Yes.

[LL] Do you think you are preaching hate?

[THEM] No.

[LL] What are you preaching sir?

[THEM] Truth.

[LL] and if the truth ..uh… is irritable or objectionable?

[THEM] …or classified as hate then …uh…uh… I can not help that.

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