How Much Is Melanin Worth In 2020?

Happy New Year!!! It’s 2021. If you want to know how much melanin is worth in 2021 click this link.

Melanin is a chemical. Melanin can be found in animal fur, fish scales, bird feathers, microorganisms, and cephalopod ink among other places. Most people equate melanin with human skin, hair and eyes.

Like any chemical melanin has a dollar value. There are at last two methods through which melanin can be extracted from the ink of cephalopods. Specifically the ink of sepia officinalis, the common cuttlefish is the source for melanin being sold online. Chemcially, it is the model for all eumelanin or true melanin.

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As of January 2, 2020 Melanin is worth $445 a gram. Gold is worth $49.09 a gram. That means melanin is worth over $395 a a gram more than gold. Melanin is worth more than gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and coltan combined.

Screenshot of chemical company website showing the dollar value of melanin as being $445 a gram.

Melanin is worth more than gold. Melanin puts the “B” in “RBG” and the Black in Red, Black and Green. August 13, 2020 will begin the 100th year since the Red, Black and Green flag was presented to the word by Marcus Garvey and the members of the UNIA in convention over 20,000 strong at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

#RBG100 celebrating 100 years of Red, Black and Green on August 13, 2020.

Now we have an opportunity to revive the empire just as Marcus Garvey exhorted us to do. The revival begins with rebuilding the organization he and those who stood by his side left us: the Universal Negro Improvement Association. Membership begins by clicking this link and completing the application.

The trend is increasing for Africans at home and abroad in more ways than melanin being worth more than gold. The Afric Official currency of the United States of Africa is worth over $2. The fact melanin is worth more than gold as the Red, Black and Green approaches its 100th anniversary while the Afric is worth over $2 tells us we are living in a new age. The UNIA constitution tells us that we must work to usher in the era when all the generations of humanity can be called blessed.

As things stand now we need merely do three things for African Redemption to be complete:

  • revive the UNIA with over 12 million members who have read, studied and know the UNIA constitution.
  • Spread the knowledge of melanin, the aromatic biopolymer and organic semiconductor that makes black people black is worth more than gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and coltan…INCESSANTLY!!!
  • Convene a plebiscite of UNIA members in recognition of the 1920 UNIA convention held 100 years ago in August 2020. The convention will issue the Ubuntu Declaration where we eliminate the barriers of might that were erected between Africans globally. Most notably implement the Afric as a single African currency.

Those three things completed by August 13 will expand the shift in awareness of African Redemption spreading across the planet as you read this.

By Nnamdi Azikiwe

The Mhotep Corporation uses its Keyamsha The Awakening brand to heighten perceptions and expand awareness. By producing content that engages, entertains and educates we create value for value relationships with our audience for mutual benefit. Mhotep is derived from the name of the architect and builder of the first pyramid in Kemet, so-called ancient Egypt. I formed the Mhotep Corporation in 2003 to produce and distribute 3D animation videos based on traditional African stories. Since then it has evolved to being a media production company including books. In a previous life I worked as a systems analyst developing solutions for government and multinational organizations. Born and educated in Washington, D.C. I have traveled to several places including Haiti, the Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, Nigeria (several times), Ethiopia (several times), Benin, Togo, and South Africa. I am married with three children.


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