Let the Ancestors Speak

My co-worker had just dropped me off. As we pulled up a group of youngins were swingin on each other. At first it seemed like they were playing. I realized they were serious when I got out the car and noticed one of them had a heavy ass vodka bottle in his hand. The one… More Let the Ancestors Speak

Rosa Parks and Emmett Till are connected by three months and three days.

August 28, 1955 Emmett Till was murdered in Money, Mississippi. On December 1, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama Rosa Parks took her seat and was determined not to give it up. Those events are three months and three days apart.

RBG100 Begins in Exactly Nine Months

Today, November 7, 2019 marks nine months until the one-hundredth anniversary of the Red, Black and Green. We intend commencing on that date commence a new era giving birth to revival of thought and behavior among “Africans, at home and abroad.” We also emphasize that day as being designated “World Melanin Day.” We chose to… More RBG100 Begins in Exactly Nine Months