Incantation – Marimba Ani – 2000 Black

Cover for the 2000 Black album Ascension for Expansion

(Taught to me by Armah and Kambon)

2000 seasons of restless sleep beneath destroyers fragmented image.
We used their imposed definitions to disconnect our consciousness.
Lines drawn in denial of deeply textured souls

They knew as we slept
That our spirit was more powerful
Than their white death.

In our will-less sleep
we have allowed the earth to be defiled.
The wake of two thousands seasons
Of spiritless matter…
Destroyers’ work.

Confusion in Maafa aftermath
Within our lost knowledge
Enemies have blurred the line
Between us and them.
Are we the destroyers ourselves?

No. We are the springwater.
Compelled by ancestral consciousness
Issuing from Ani’s womb
We divine a victorious destiny

We are awakening
Announcing ourselves, self-determining
With Nubian will
Crystal vision
Shaping a new reality
Ancient genius rediscovered
So dayi – The Clear Word.

Balancing the scales
Restoring spirit to matter
The Whole completed
Made cosmic again.

Rhythm is the key to the Way
Alternating Death with Life
Joining us to each other.
We are the Healers.
The Victory is ours!

We call upon Onyame, Olodumare, and Amma
Invoking the Nommo-power of Blackness
Carried in the genes of Race Memory

Ancestors and Children to be born
Keys to the circles of connectedness
and clarity
Africa redeemed
The universe in harmony
Return and move forward
To the Way
Of a natural order
African World Order
Resplendent reflection of Ma’at.


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