The #RBGChallenge!!! Wear #Red, Black and Green in 70 Days on August 13 to celebrate #RBG99.

RBGChallenge 2019 RBG99

70 Days until #RBG99

Wear Red, Black and Green on August 13 to celebrate 99 years of #RBG 1920-2019
Flyer Wear Red, Black and Green on August 13 to celebrate 99 years of #RBG 1920-2019

Today, June 4, 2019, is the 20th day of the 90 Days of Hope campaign. We are spending the next 70 days inviting millions of people worldwide to wear Red, Black and Green on Tuesday, August 13, 2019.

70 days from now, August 13, 2019, will be the Reddest, Blackest and Greenest day ever. August 13, begins the 99th year since Red, Black and Green were designated the colors of all Africans at home and abroad. We encourage you to take the #RBGChallenge by wearing Red, Black and Green on August 13 to send a message of hope, make a statement of global unity and demonstrate mental emancipation.

August 13 is also World Melanin Day.

Melanin is worth over $380 a gram more than gold. The Red, Black and Green is rapidly approaching the beginning of its second century in 2020. The Afro, official currency of the United States of Africa or the African Union is currently poised to be worth $2.50 to $3. We are living in a new era. The era of African Redemption is upon us.

Cover from the July 31, 1926 edition of the Negro World Newspaper presenting the Declaration of Rights of Negro Peoples of the World which gave us the Red, Black and Green on August 13, 1920.

We have taken the liberty of designating August 13th World Melanin Day. During the August 1920 Universal Negro Improvement Association convention our ancestors invoked uniquely high science by designating Red for the blood, Black for the people and Green for the motherland, Africa. Melanin puts the “B” in RBG and the Black in Red, Black and Green. Melanin is currently worth over $380 a gram more than gold. Melanin is worth more than gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and coltan combined. Are the dry bones waking up? Has the stone the builder refused now become the cornerstone? Has the truth begun to emancipate us from mental slavery?

The culturally coded symbolism embedded in the Red, Black and Green tells those who are willing to know the truth: Our Blood Our Melanin and Africa UNITES US!!!
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