The Value of One Afric (Official Currency of the United States of Africa or the African Union)

Take one of each African currency. Put them in a basket. How much are they worth compared to the dollar? That is The Value of One Afric, the official currency of the United States of Africa.

This post demonstrates how to reboot the global economy to an equilibrium based on supply and demand.

The Value of One Afric
Cover of Treaty Establishing the African Economic Community.

The answer to the question above is simple and something I’ve known since 1997. During a Saturday course at Prince George’s Community College on trade and development in Africa I realized how to determine the value of the Afric, official currency of the United States of Africa or the African Union, compared to the U.S. dollar. As shown in the table at the end of this post, the Afric is worth $2.22 based on current exchange rates. The method for determining the value of one Afric came while reading Michael Sudarkasa’s “The African Business Handbook.”

The Value of One Afric
Cover of the African Business Handbook by Michael Sudarkasa

The Nigerian Naira had an episode on February 22, 2019. A supposed “glitch” caused Google to understate the conversion to U.S. dollars from Naira. That made it seem the value of the Naira had almost doubled.

Amazing how the above glitch happened after I had been working on the figures to support the answer to this thought experiment. There are glitches and then there are “Spirits.”


The Value of One Afric
Melanin is worth more than gold. The Afric is worth $2.22. The Red, Black and Green is approaching its 2nd century.

We live in a world where melanin, the chemical that makes Black people black, has been observed to be worth over $380 a gram more than gold. The Afric as we have made clear is worth $2.22. Red, Black and Green has been the flag of Africans, at home and abroad, since August 13, 1920 and is rapidly approaching its 100th anniversary on August 13, 2020. All of which provides evidence we are living in the era when all the generations of humanity are called blessed as the preamble to the UNIA Constitution States. Since all the above is possible, is it possible we can use our knowledge, skills and abilities to make this a planet that works for everyone?

It is possible to make this planet work for everyone. This once was a planet that worked for everyone. Humans spread out all over this planet only because they were successful in Africa for hundreds of thousands of years before anyone left the African continent. Along the way every challenge was resolved making it possible for our species to survive to this moment.

Yet, poverty persists. How can we solve the issue of poverty for all time? Remember, we live on a planet where some members of the human population have traveled to and walked on the moon. Robots have gone to Mars. It would seem resolving poverty as we know it would be the proverbial “drop in the bucket.” Apparently, the people who would benefit most from resolving poverty seem the least interested in the solution. Those who would benefit the least apparently could care less.

Would a single African currency end poverty as we know it? Europeans convened the Berlin Conference in 1884-1885 to divide and misrule Africa. The Berlin Conference barriers, or borders between African countries, have impeded growth and trade within Africa ever since. Those synthetic barriers have also led to exponential economic growth among the Berlin Conference countries. There is no natural reason or purpose for such boundaries. The time has come to melt down the Berlin Conference barriers with love and embrace the Afric as a single African currency. With those two changes we can envision a united and thriving Africa.

Meme telling us melanin is worth $428 a gram. That is over $380 a gram more than gold. Melanin is worth more than gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium…COMBINED!!!

How is that possible? It’s simple. First we must consider it possible. Then visualize it taking place. At that point we will means to make it possible will become apparent.

The table below shows the effect of combining Africa’s currencies as if the Berlin Conference barriers never existed. The end result is the one of the world’s strongest, most valuable currencies. The exchange rates for a dollar gives a total value of $2.22 per Afric. That is over two times the U.S. dollar. (Note: Were we to treat the CFA as several currencies instead of a single currency for each country where it is used, the difference would only be 2 cents.)

By taking each African currency then assigning a percentage weight based on the size (GDP or PPP ) of each economy, we arrive at an approximate value of exchange for each African currency to Africs. A person with say, 20,000 Naira in their bank account would exchange that 20,000 at a different rate of exchange for Africs than someone in South Africa who has Rand in their bank account.

Afric exchange rates calculated in euro and other highly traded currencies give us a relative value to each.

With a strong Afric, Africans at home and abroad have audacious purchasing power, also known as PPP. With such a tool at hand we can embark upon solving some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Notable among which is poverty. Guaranteed annual income for Africans at home and abroad is one means to address the wealth disparity affecting too many people. In order to take part, diaspora Africans must take a DNA test from African Ancestry. The percentage of African Ancestry determines how much of the guaranteed annual income will be received. Indigenes receive 100 percent. (note: How do we account for settlers?)

Deposited into an account in the Bank for Africa aka Melanin Bank. Withdrawals are made through check or The Melanin card.

The Melanin card is the card issued by the Melanin Bank. Transactions of the Melanin Bank are in Africs, official currency of the United States of Africa.

Annual trip to Africa required to keep account active for diaspora members of the United States of Africa.

More ideas: Every human being has a right to a home. This would be required to receive GAI. No one without a verifiable home address would receive GAI until it has been obtained and verified.

(note: Review South African Constitution for more info)

Add Caribbean countries like Haiti to the Afric. Such countries where forced migrants landed added to the value of the Afric change the dynamic of migration to Europe. Those opposed to Africans migrating to Europe would see the opposite effect when the Afric is implemented.

per $
 AlgeriaAlgerian dinars (DZD) 118.580.00084
 Angolakwanza (AOA) 313.690.0032
 BeninCommunaute Financiere Africaine francs (XOF) 578.370.0017
 Botswanapulas (BWP) 10.580.095
 Burkina FasoCommunaute Financiere Africaine francs (XOF) 578.370.0017
 BurundiBurundi francs (BIF) 1802.30.00055
 Cabo VerdeCabo Verdean escudos (CVE) 97.230.01
 CameroonCooperation Financiere en Afrique Centrale francs (XAF) 578.370.0017
 Central African RepublicCooperation Financiere en Afrique Centrale francs (XAF) 578.370.0017
 ChadCooperation Financiere en Afrique Centrale francs (XAF) 578.370.0017
 ComorosComoran francs (KMF) 434.30.0023
 Cote d’IvoireCommunaute Financiere Africaine francs (XOF) 578.370.0017
 Democratic Republic of the CongoCongolese francs (CDF) 16300.00061
 DjiboutiDjiboutian francs (DJF) 177.720.0056
 EgyptEgyptian pounds (EGP) 17.540.057
 Equatorial GuineaCooperation Financiere en Afrique Centrale francs (XAF) 578.370.0017
 Eritreanakfa (ERN) 150.0666667
 Ethiopiabirr (ETB) 28.440.035
 GabonCooperation Financiere en Afrique Centrale francs (XAF) 578.370.0017
 Ghanacedis (GHC) 5.350.19
 GuineaGuinean francs (GNF) 9119.350.00011
 Guinea-BissauCommunaute Financiere Africaine francs (XOF) 578.370.0017
 KenyaKenyan shillings (KES) 100.030.01
 Lesothomaloti (LSL) 13.970.071
 LiberiaLiberian dollars (LRD) 161.250.0062
 LibyaLibyan dinars (LYD) 1.390.72
 MadagascarMalagasy ariary (MGA) 3519.10.00028
 MalawiMalawian kwachas (MWK) 729.640.0014
 MaliCommunaute Financiere Africaine francs (XOF) 578.370.0017
 Mauritaniaouguiyas (MRO) 36.450.027
 MauritiusMauritian rupees (MUR) 34.180.029
 MoroccoMoroccan dirhams (MAD) 9.560.1
 Mozambiquemeticais (MZM) 62.550.016
 NamibiaNamibian dollars (NAD) 13.970.071
 NigerCommunaute Financiere Africaine francs (XOF) 578.370.0017
 Nigerianairas (NGN) 361.750.0028
 Republic of the CongoCooperation Financiere en Afrique Centrale francs (XAF) 578.370.0017
 RwandaRwandan francs (RWF) 8990.0011
 Sao Tome and Principedobras (STD) 21600.030.000046296300
 SenegalCommunaute Financiere Africaine francs (XOF) 578.370.0017
 SeychellesSeychelles rupees (SCR) 13.680.073
 Sierra Leoneleones (SLL) 475800.000021
 SomaliaSomali shillings (SOS) 5810.0017
 South Africarand (ZAR) 140.071
 South SudanSouth Sudanese pounds (SSP) 130.260.0077
 SudanSudanese pounds (SDG) 47.590.021
 Tanzaniatanzanian shillings (TZS)2339.40.00043
 The Gambiadalasis (GMD) 49.560.02
 TogoCommunaute Financiere Africaine francs (XOF) 578.370.0017
 TunisiaTunisian dinars(TND)3.060.33
 UgandaUganda shillings (UGX)36690.00027
 ZambiaZambian kwacha 11.920.084
 ZimbabweZimbabwean dollars (ZWD)361.90.00276319
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By Nnamdi Azikiwe

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