[BREAKING NEWS] Melanin is worth $419.00 a gram (Update: Now It Is Worth $428 a gram)

The dollar value of melanin has increased since January of 2018. As of November 2018 melanin is listed as being worth $419.00 a gram (UPDATE: as of January 2019 it is worth $428 a gram.) That represents an increase of $12 in less than a year.

A question that comes up is “why is melanin so valuable?” One answer is based on the fact we live in a universe which has laws. The dollar value of melanin represents the moral arch of the universe bending towards justice.

Another aspect is to consider where consciousness originates. In a universe where we know consciousness exists, what is the source of consciousness? Under those terms the universe itself must be conscious. Thereby melanin is worth more than gold as an answer to the prayers of millions of traumatized individuals during the last five hundred years praying for an end to suffering.

Screenshot_2018-11-11 Melanin from I Sepia officinalis I M2649
Screenshot from chemical company website showing melanin has increased in value since January 2018. Melanin is currently worth $419.00 a gram. That is an increases of $12 in less than a year.

As such we see melanin being worth more than gold as the beginning of a new era. With this increase in value we take the liberty of proclaiming the era when all the generations of humanity can be called blessed in the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God to have commenced. Those opposed to this era are burdened with the task of disproving our claim.

African people, melanin people, Black people at home and abroad can now look forward to a new day.

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That being said, gold is only worth $39.21 a gram. That means melanin is still worth over $350 a gram more than gold.

There are over 300K scholarly articles involving melanin as of this writing.

Meme showing the dollar value of melanin in 2020 as being $445 a gram. That means melanin is worth over $395 a gram more than gold.