UPCOMING BOOK: Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold by Nnamdi Azikiwe #MIWMTG

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Cover to the book Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold by Nnamdi Azikiwe

I’ve decided to document the journey which led to the observation melanin is worth more than gold in a book titled “Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold” with the subtitle “Is This The Era Of The Blessed Generation?” It is my account of events leading to the development melanin is worth more than gold and what happened afterwards.

The equation proving melanin is worth more than gold first manifested during March 2014 at Sankofa Books in Washington, D.C. The wisdom of Baba Tarik A Oduno was so instrumental to that event we saw fit to show our gratitude by naming the Oduno scale in his honor. Since then, it became apparent people want to know the truth about melanin. They want to know why melanin is worth so much. They want to know how it relates to themselves.

My primary skills are critical thinking, attention to detail and problem solving. As an African in America with over twenty years experience in the information technology industry, a good amount of the time as a systems analyst, I am uniquely qualified to present this solution to the problem of the Melanin Challenged Inferiority Complex. In addition to that experience I also was present the moment melanin was observed to be worth more than gold. Furthermore, I have been a dues paying member of the organization Marcus Garvey came to prominence through as its first President-General, the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL). As a byproduct of that membership I experienced a personal Sankofa journey to Africa where I met and married my wife, as well as, fathered three children.

By examining the issues pertaining to the Melanin Challenged Inferiority Complex from a systems approach, we possess the ability to model, test and implement the solution to the behavior defined as the “system” of white supremacy. When the solution has been implemented, we then become the “Blessed Generation” in the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God.

Significant aspects of the problem of the Melanin Challenged Inferiority Complex (MCIC pronounced Em-sick) involve the manner in which information about melanin in general and the price of melanin in particular are being presented. Some want to deny the attributes of melanin while others want to ignore it entirely. It seems the solution is to provide a means to determine the facts about melanin for ourselves, then present the facts over and over and over again. Being able to verify facts about melanin makes for a better informed public, capable of determine what is and is not, true.

Another aspect of the solution to M-SICK is to openly address the frail, weak and nonviable idea of vaporware whiteness. Cataloging the events which have taken place regarding white, as in people, from an historical perspective, prepares us to think for ourselves and be better equipped to act in our own best interest. It also makes it clear any thought that can’t be verified is false until proven otherwise.

With a system to distinguish between fact and fiction in place, we are better prepared to fulfill our purpose, as well as, be fully who we are meant to be.

Upon commencement of an open and honest fact based discourse, the Melanin Challenged Inferiority Complex (aka racism/so-called white supremacy) is totally obliterated for all time. Imagine a point in time when everyone on this planet is aware melanin is worth more than gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and coltan…combined. Then picture the same world occupied by a population who knows there is not now, nor has there ever been a single quantifiable empirical phenomenon upon which to base the idea people are white. Furthermore, everyone knows white, as in people, has no chemical formula, has no molecular structure, nor can it be located anywhere in the known universe based on the Cartesian coordinate system. Best of all everyone knows whiteness, in a capitalistic society, has no intrinsic value, whatsoever. That is when what is known in Swahili as Mchakato Wa Uponyaji, the process of healing, has begun. Bringing about healing is the number one goal of this book.

Another goal is documenting the who, what, where, when, why and how of the journey which revealed melanin is presently worth over $380 a gram more than gold.

Overall, a vision of mental, spiritual, emotional and psychological well being is presented.

To distinguish between facts and myths about melanin is to see all things as they are. By utilizing grammar and logic we produce a new rhetorical framework of thought and behavior. The new system of things provides a clean break with the past and a bridge to a future where we see things as they are. Under those conditions a planet which works for everyone is easily achieved.

Words can hurt and they can also heal. For some this may be a painful process. In the end it all comes down to unlearning the falsehoods we’ve been indoctrinated with, while using the facts to “rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.”

Most of all this book is disruptively leading to a resurgence of human awareness culminating in a global celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the 1920 UNIA International Convention. That event gave us the Declaration of Rights of the Negro People of the World wherein Red, Black and Green were defined as the colors of all African people everywhere. Now that seems almost an act of divine intervention. When it is considered melanin puts the “B” in RBG and the Black in Red, Black and Green, a host of possibilities present themselves.

Among the possible events we see a perfect storm brewing. Melanin is worth more than gold, the flag of all African people…Black people…Melanin people is rapidly approaching its centennial and the Afro, official currency of the African Union is poised to become the world’s most valuable currency at 2 1/2 times the U.S. Dollar. Marcus Garvey told us to look for him in the whirlwind. Who could have imagined the whirlwind would take the form of sixteen percent of the human population indigenous to Africa becoming the next world superpower simply by embracing the Afro as a common currency and erasing the Berlin conference barriers?

It’s important to read “Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold” to know the truth about melanin being worth over $380 a gram more than gold. By its mere existence, melanin being worth more than gold provides evidence demonstrating we are loved, valued and can expect justice to be served in a way most can scarcely perceive.

Readers will follow the path on the mind liberating journey to knowing how to determine the truth about melanin for themselves. That truth brings about growth in awareness, perception and power. It prepares readers to fully engage their optimum humanity by letting go of limitations. A bridge to fully engaged humanity materializes by distinguishing between fact and fallacy. Obstacles to truth are all around us. Yet, growth, like evolution, is the ability to adapt to obstacles or conditions. We are in a new era…the era of the blessed generation. In this era we are growing and adapting to unnatural conditions. Melanin, “the organizing molecule” is restoring the Ubuntu Paradigm as you read this.


Chapter 1 Is A Quantum Shift Happening As You Read This?

Chapter 2 What is melanin?

Chapter 3 Where Did You Get That From?

Chapter 4: Is White Supremacy the Fear of Black Supremacy?

Chapter 5: Does Melanin Envy Plus Melanin Denial Equal The Melanin Challenged Inferiority Complex?

Chapter 6 Is A Catastrophic Systems Failure Taking Place?

Chapter 7 Does Melanin Put the “B” In RBG and the Black in Red, Black and Green?

Chapter 8 Is August 13, 2020 One Bright Day?

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