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Cover of Melanin is Worth More Than Gold by Nnamdi Azikiwe

I’ve decided to document the journey which led to knowing melanin is worth over $350 a gram more than gold. The book is titled “Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold: The Obliteration of the Melanin Challenged Inferiority Complex.” It is my account of the events leading to the discovery melanin is worth more than gold and what has happened since.

It is written to solve a problem. As a systems analyst with over twenty years experience in the information technology industry I am uniquely qualified to present a solution to the manipulation of information. By examining the issues involved from a systems approach, we can model, test and implement a solution to what has been identified as the system of white supremacy.

The problem we see needing a solution is how information about melanin in general and the price of melanin in particular is being manipulated. It seems the solution is to provide facts about melanin in order to defuse the disinformation campaign. Exposing the events taking place prepare us to think for ourselves and be better equipped to discern truth.

Additionally, a system to distinguish between fact and fiction prepares us to better fulfill our purpose, as well as, be fully who we were meant to be.

The equation proving melanin is worth more than gold first manifested in March 2014. Since then it became apparent people want to know the truth. They want to know why melanin is worth so much. They want to know themselves. Remarkably, there are those who fear the truth.

When we can have an open and honest discussion about the facts I believe we can totally obliterate racism for all time. That is the number one goal of this book. Another goal is to document the who, what, where, when, why and how of the journey which revealed melanin is worth over $350 a gram more than gold. Imagine everyone on this planet being aware melanin is worth more than gold. That is when what we call in Swahili mchakato wa uponyaji, the process of healing can begin.

Being able to distinguish between facts and myths about melanin seems to be an avenue to seeing things as they are. Overall a vision of healing taking place due to grammar and logic producing a rhetorical framework for a system of thought and behavior. That new system provide a clean break with the past and a bridge to the future.

Words can hurt and they can also heal. For some this may be a painful process. In the end it all comes down to unlearning the falsehoods we’ve been indoctrinated with while, using the facts to “rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.”

Most of all this book is leading to a resurgence of human awareness. For this book to culminate in a global celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the 1920 UNIA International Convention which gave us the the Declaration of Rights of the Negro People of the World seems almost an act of divine intervention. This is true especially when it is considered melanin put the “B” in RBG and the Black in Red, Black and Green. In the Declaration of Rights we were given the beloved Red, Black and Green flag.

It’s important for people to read “Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold” to know the truth about melanin being worth over $350 a gram more than gold. By its mere existence we have evidence demonstrating we are loved, valued and can expect justice is coming in a way most can scarcely perceive.

Readers will follow the path on the mind liberating journey to knowing the truth of melanin awareness. They will grow in their awareness perception and power. They will also be prepared to fully engage their optimum humanity. A hindrance to fully engaged humanity is knowing the truth. Obstacles to truth are all around us. Growth, like evolution is the ability to adapt to conditions. We are in a new era…the melanin era. In this era we are growing and adapting to unnatural conditions. Melanin, the organizing molecule is restoring the melanin world order as you read this.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements    5

Introduction    5

Chapter 1 Is A Quantum Shift Happening As You Read This?    23

Fast forward to 2014    29

The Oduno Scale    37

Uncast A Spell    39

Trayvon Martin and the Fear of Genetic Annihilation    42

Chapter 2 What is melanin?    49

Do white people exist? I don’t know, but I do know melanin is worth $362.50 a gram    53

Is Melanin scientific magic or magical science??    54

Integumentary system    55

Malpighi And the Rete Mucosum    55

Word Origins    58

The Choroid Coat    58

Melanogenesis    59

Melanocytes    60

Eumelanin, Pheomelanin and Allomelanin    61

White Melanin    63

Humic Acid    63

Astrobiology, Dark Matter, Dark Energy    63

Bok Globules    65

Fossil Melanin    65

Neuromelanin    65

Organic Semiconductor    66

Synthetic Melanin    66

Ferromelanin    66

Melanogenetics    66

OCA1    66

TYRP1    67

TYR    67

MATP    67

SLC45A2    67

SLC24A5    68

MC1R    69

Waardenburg syndrome    70

Albinism    70

Hirschsprung disease    70

Glutathione    71

Blacktricity    71

Chapter 3 Where Did You Get That From?    73

Melanin’s dollar value makes us optimistic about the future    73

Everybody Is Rejoicing Because They Know Melanin Being Worth $362.50 A Gram Makes It A Brand New Day    73

Melanin can not be injected    74

Visualize Planet Melanin    88


BREAKING NEWS!!! Melanin has increased to $373.50 a gram!!!    90

On the ‘Fear of Genetic Annihilation.’    92

The Falsification of White People    93

On Being White and other Lies by James Baldwin    95

Johann Blumenbach: The Father of Race    96

James Wormley Jones: FBI Agent or Pseudocaucasian    99

My Own Personal Rachel Dolezal    99

What Makes Rachel Dolezal white?    100

Are We Living In A Sentient Universe?    105

Chapter 4: Is White Supremacy the Fear of Black Supremacy?    107

Killers of the Dream    107

Melanin Is Worth Over $350 A Gram More Than Gold T-shirt    107

Melanin is now worth $384.50 a gram (Update Melanin is currently worth $396.00 a gram)    108

From the Welsing Institute    109

Melanin Harvesting Video?    109

Imagine what would have happened if Jesse Williams had said, “Melanin is worth over $350 a gram more than gold.”    112

FACT: There are over 176,000 scholarly articles with the word “MELANIN” in them.    114

The Melanin Harvesting Urban Legend: A Hoax Deconstructed, A Myth Busted, A Scam Exposed    115

The Melanin Harvesting Hoax (Again)    123

Melanin Momma: Dr. Frances Cress Welsing Opened The Way To Know Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold    124

Melanin Momma Too: More on Dr. Frances Cress Welsing    129

For The People With Listervelt Middleton    137

A History of Wh**e Supremacy: Ida B. Wells Did NOT Coin The Phrase “Wh**e Supremacy”    138

The Miseducation of Melanin Challenged People    145

Stop Crying Out Against “Black Supremacy,” “Black Nationalism,” “Racism in Reverse…”    146

A History of Black Supremacy    147

A History of Black Supremacy a conclusion    154

MELANINGATE: Is there a conspiracy to keep truth about melanin secret?    154

1959: Elijah Muhammad said, The End Was Coming For The White Man in 1970. Then This Happened.    155

Are the Dry Bones Waking Up?    157

More to be desired are they than gold    157

Chapter 5: Does Melanin Envy Plus Melanin Denial Equal The Melanin Challenged Inferiority Complex?    157

Melanin challenged = albinism = white people    158

Melanin Envy    158

On Melanin Envy: What PBS’ White said Without Words    161

On Melanin Envy: How is Remus your Uncle?    162

On Melanin Envy: Al Jolson’s Mammy    164

Blackface Is Melanin Mimicry    170

Melanin Fever    170

Melanin Denial    170

“Person of color” Fails At Dumbing Down Melanin    172

Secure Beings    174

Chapter 6 Is A Catastrophic Systems Failure Taking Place?    180

[BREAKING NEWS] Melanin Is Worth Nearly $400 A Gram!!!    180

Nothing based on lies was meant to survive    181

Melanin Challenged    181

Melanin Reader    182

Origin of the Ancient Egyptians Ancient civilizations of Africa UNESCO History of Africa.    182

Melanin Dosage Test    182

Dr. Huey P. Newton defines Power    183

Henry Berry Of Virginia On Extinguishing The Capacity To See    184

The Missing D.C. Girls Twitter Bomb –Babylon the great has fallen    186

Top 10 Myths About Melanin    187

Melanin Myths: They Just Keep Coming    194

Top 10 Facts About Melanin    197

More Facts on Melanin Thanks to Afrikan Centered Education.    200

The Melanin Challenged Inferiority Complex Swatter    203

Melanin theory    207

Melanin and the Pineal gland    208

Melanin Awareness: Is It On The Rise?    210

Melanin Rising    210

What Jöns Jacob Berzelius actually says about melanin    219

Melanin Retarded: The Politically Incorrect Way To Say Melanin Challenged    220

Who’s afraid of the Melanin World Order?    222

The Melanin World Order: The World As We Make It    225

The Rising Tide Of The Melanin World Order Against The Melanin Challenged Inferiority Complex    225

Melanin Values    225

Not Melanin Magic: Has The So-called “Melanin Theory” Been Falsified Or Verified? The Melanin Facts.    226

Cosmic Slop (The Melanin Traders from Space)    227

The Melanin Challenged (So-called “White”) Delusion    229

How To Obliterate Racism?    231

Obliterate Racism: Play The Melanin Card    233

The Whiteness Delusion Is Not Sustainable    234

Harassing melanin challenged people into lucidity    234

Catastrophic systems failure    235

Is The Melanin Challenged Inferiority Complex Experiencing a Catastrophic Systems Failure?    238

Chapter 7 Does Melanin Put the “B” In RBG and the Black in Red, Black and Green?    242

Kuamsha (the awakening)    242

Maafa (The Great Disaster)    244

Sankofa (Go Back and Fetch It)    244

What is Ubuntu?    244

Mchakato Wa Uponyaji (The Process of Healing)    247

HEKAU: Powerful People Speak Words of Power    248

The Red, Black and Green Flag Story    251

Melanin Puts the “B” In RBG and the Black in Red, Black and Green    251

Why is August 13 World Melanin Day?    255


Dr. Martin Luther King Lit The Empire State Building Red, Black and Green.    261



Thoughts are things    271

Beyond The Melanin Challenged Paradigm    271

To The Millions Who Will Be Wearing Red Black and Green on August 13    272

Projecting Our Will For Eternal Revitalization – Power Shifted Three Years Ago    273

This Is The Dawning Of The Melanin Age    275

Chapter 8 Is August 13, 2020 One Bright Day?    276

One Bright Day    279

One Bright Day — The Triggering    285

A True Melanin Theory    285

Melanin Theory (the journal)    286

The Institute for Melanin Research    286

The Melanin Museum    286

Melanin Songs on TIDAL    286

Melanin the Movie    286

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