The Melanin Stock Symbol

Recently we published a blog post refuting the myth of the melanin stock market. One aspect of that urban legend which stuck is the idea of a melanin stock symbol.

The Melanin Stock Symbol was devised to draw energy from the Melanin Stock Market urban legend.

We took the legend of a melanin stock market and ran with it. Could a melanin stock market exist? How would the melanin economy function? How would melanin be traded as a commodity? How would a melanin stock symbol look?

Bar chart showing the historical rise of melanin value since 2014.

For the last we present the image of the melanin stock symbol. Remember, humans are not earth’s only source of melanin. Melanin being sold at $350 a gram more than gold comes from sepia officinalis, the common cuttlefish. Melanin is the output of a chemical process known as Melanogenesis. It starts with an amino acid known as tyrosine which when oxygenated by an enzyme called tyrosinase becomes first dopa then dopaquinone and lastly melanin.

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