[FREE DOWNLOAD] UNESCO General History of Africa

The seven volume UNESCO General History of Africa series is available online for free download from the UNESCO website. The links below connect to the volumes and are FREE.

UNESCO international Scientific Committee for the Drafting of a General History of Africa


VOLUME I Methodology and African Prehistory EDITOR J. KI-ZERBO
VOLUME II Ancient Civilizations of Africa EDITOR G. MOKHTAR
Volume III. Africa from the Seventh to the Eleventh Century. (Editor M . El Fasi)
Volume IV Africa from the Twelfth to the Sixteenth Century (Editor D. T. Niane)
Volume V Africa from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century (Editor B. A. Ogot)
Volume VI Africa in the Nineteenth Century until the 1880s (Editor J. F. A. Ajayi)
Volume VII Africa under Colonial Domination, 1880-1935 (Editor A. A. Boahen)
Volume VIII Africa since 1935 (Editor A. A. Mazrui) (Assistant Editor C. Wondji)
The Peopling of ancient Egypt and the deciphering of Meroitic script

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