Melanin Myths: They Just Keep Coming

We found that there were more than ten myths about melanin. In order to continue tracking the melanin myth machine we decided to create an article documenting the myths as they come to us. Stay tuned.

Melanin Molecule
Computed version of Melanin Molecule. The actual molecular structure of melanin is unknown. Melanin is a light harvesting substance. The current state of the art in spectroscopy involves projecting energy at a molecule. All forms of spectroscopy have proven fruitless in the analysis of melanin’s molecular structure to date.
  1. Melanin is only pigment or color
    • Melanin is a chemical. It is an aromatic biopolymer and organic semiconductor. Yes, melanin actually conducts electricity. That was proven in 1974. Melanin is more than pigment or color.
  2. They made melatonin pills from dead black people melanin.
    • melatonin is not made from melanin.
    • melatonin actually degrades melanin in melanocytes.
    • melatonin was originally made from an extract from beef pineal glands.
    • Although they both originate from amino acids, melatonin is derived from tryptophan, while melanin derives from tyrosine.
    • melatonin is derived from the earliest life forms and is found in all organisms.
    • melatonin can be taken in from vegetables, fruits, rice and wheat.
  3. Skin melanin is different from neuromelanin. Neuromelanin is as different from eumelanin in your skin as your left eye is different from your right eye. It’s all about location. Location location location.
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