Melanin Myth #2: Melanin Injections

This is part two in a ten part series on the myths being spread surrounding melanin.

Melanin is worth more than gold silver platinum palladium rhodium and coltan combined!!!

Apparently, the need to inject melanin motivates melanin thieves. Well okay. Technically, yes, you can take a hypodermic needle, fill it with melanin and inject it into your body. But guess what? That won’t do anything. Anyone who does that will fail to increase the amount of melanin in their skin. Melanin production in the skin is an EXTREMELY complex process known as melanogenesis. Melanocytes produce melanin in our skin. That is where melanin originates. Injecting melanin into someone won’t change the amount of melanin in their skin. The science of melanin doesn’t work that way…sorry.

The pictures of people who are supposed to have injected themselves with melanin actually injected themselves with a synthetic form of α-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone aka MSH or MELANOTAN-II to cause their melanocytes to produce more melanin. FYI, MELANOTAN-II is considered carcinogenic and is not available for sale in many countries. It can be bought over the internet.

Read our three part series on The Melanin Harvesting Urban Legend for more details.

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