Melanin Myth #1: Melanin is being harvested by melanin thieves.

This is the first part of a ten part series debunking myths being spread about melanin. We have a three part series which goes into detail about the myths, hoaxes and scams related to melanin being spread. This is obviously a heavy handed attempt to invoke a sense of fear and revulsion in people of melanin towards their high skin melanin levels. Those who succumb to the hoaxes can be said to live in hyperreality, a simulation of a reality which has never and can never exist. Those of us able to distinguish between fact and fiction related to melanin have, as Marcus Garvey still tells us, “won before we have started.”

The Melanin thieves/Melanin harvesting meme is a myth because:

  • Melanin can be extracted from human hair.
  • Human beings are NOT earth’s only source of melanin. Melanin is in animal fur, bird feathers, microorganisms, fish scales and the ink of cephalopods.
  • No one who promotes this myth ever mentions the name of the company which sells melanin. If they did, libel and slander lawsuits would fly hard and fast.
  • It is easier to extract melanin from the ink of sepia officinalis, the common cuttlefish than it is to extract melanin from human skin.
  • “Sepia melanin” and human melanin are nearly the same. They are categorically “dopa melanin.” Dopa melanin is the product of the oxygenation of the amino acid tyrosine in the presence of the enzyme tyrosinase through a process known as melanogenesis.
  • Melanin synthesis or melanogenesis occurs in a cell known as a melanocyte. Melanocytes are in numerous organisms.
  • The ink sac of sepia officinalis contains 1 gram of melanin. This is equivalent to the amount of melanin in human skin.
  • Melanin can be extracted from human skin, however it is a complex, time consuming and energy intensive process. Sepia melanin however is in an ink sac almost like it was made to be harvested.
Meme showing the dollar value of melanin in 2021 as being $459 a gram. That means melanin is worth over $395 a gram more than gold.

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