Melanin Myth #9: The Melanin Stock Market?

Melanin is worth $407.00 a gram
Keep Calm…melanin is worth $407 a gram…Keyamsha the Awakening is happening as you read this because melanin is worth over $350 a gram more than gold.

Melanin is worth over $350 a gram more than gold. We have documented visual evidence of that fact.

Are there any facts supporting the idea of a melanin stock market or the selling of melanin on the stock market?

The facts:

  • By now we can assume you probably got to this post by an internet search for one of the terms in this myth.
  • shows no stock symbol for melanin. There is a company involving skin products which comes up in a search for melanin in Google Finance. It’s stock is trading far below the current price for melanin.
  • What those looking for info about a so-called melanin stock symbol or melanin on the stock market should be searching for is a melanin “ticker symbol.”
  • A search for melanin on the Marketwatch website produces one result for a company whose current stock value is zero.
  • Melanin on produces zero results.
  • produces zero results.
  • A search on the New York Stock Exchange produces zero results.

As part of maintaining this blog, we have documented 10 myths about melanin. Based on the last four years of this blog, we can state there is no visual evidence to support claims of the melanin stock market or melanin being traded on the stock market. Without visual evidence all that can be said is it is a myth, a hoax a scam and an urban legend. Of the 10 myths we chose to focus on, this one shows how complicated the myths about melanin can get. When the promoters of that idea just manufacture whatever thought they want to think about melanin, a Melanin Stock Market or Melanin being Traded on the Stock Market aka Melanin Stock Symbol, those who are playing on the minds of people in the age of misinformation reveal themselves. The tactics of the hoaxsters, mythmakers and scammers goes something like this: take two truths add them together to produce one falsehood and a lie will go viral. Melanin is an actual fact. So is the stock market. There is no evidence to support claims melanin is being traded as a stock or on the stock market.

It has been said, “confirmation bias is extremely powerful.” That is when people just believe what they want to believe, regardless of the presence or absence of facts. Then there is the role of cognitive dissonance, the psychological distress or discomfort associated with two or more conflicting beliefs, ideas or values. You may be experiencing cognitive dissonance as you read this.

Consider this: Did you find this post because you asked a question such as “is there a melanin stock market?” or “what is the melanin stock symbol?” or “where is melanin traded as a stock?” Either one of those will NOT produce a single result until the double quotes are removed. Then the results always involve this blog somewhere on the first page. How many of the sources that led you to this blog post told you melanin is worth over $350 a gram more than gold?

Did any of those sources mention melanin puts the “B” in RBG and the Black in Red, Black and Green? Did they give a history of melanin as a stock or on the stock market? Who started melanin as a stock? When did it start? Why did they start it? What made them start trading melanin? Most importantly, where did this source get THEIR information about melanin being traded as a stock or on the stock market?

Publishing a blog is a lot of work. It takes time and challenges you to keep up with it. For instance we have over two hundred draft articles in various stages of development. Some just have a title with a few lines presenting the idea. Others have been researched with more to do. Then there are posts like this. We did some quick research to see there is no there there or here. Then we went into more detail to get any facts from verifiable sources as shown above.

After all that effort we were curious: “could a melanin stock market exist?” Remember, melanin is being sold after extraction from the ink of sepia officianalis, the common cuttlefish.

How would such an entity operate? Could melanin be traded as a commodity? Could there be a Cryptocurrency backed by melanin? Melanocoin? Melanobux? Melanindollars? We already envisioned the melanin card provided by the Melanin Bank.

Indeed I tremble for
my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever: that
considering numbers, nature and natural means only, a revolution of the wheel of fortune, an
exchange of situation, is among possible events: that it may become probable by supernatural
interference! The Almighty has no attribute which can take side with us in such a contest.

Were it not for the melanin thief fake news hoax we do not believe the idea of a melanin stock market would exist. People who fear a global awakening when all Black people…African people…Melanin people…People of Melanin worldwide know melanin is worth more than gold are trembling at their reflection that God is just.

How is God just? How is this reaping taking place? Consider there is no chemical called “white.” That non-existent chemical has no chemical formula, has no molecular structure, can not be found based on the Cartesian coordinate system and lastly, has no intrinsic value. Then look at how long Black people, African people, Melanin people…people of Melanin have been on this planet before some genius got the bright idea to color code good and evil.